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Blu 47

4655 S King Dr.

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Detail for Blu 47 : Restaurant, American / Contemporary

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Brown banquettes and blue lighting create an inviting environment for contemporary, regional American cuisine. Recently opened, the lack of a sign on the outside hasn't prevented crowds of diners from checking it out. Appetizers include shrimp de jonghe; salads run the gamut. Entrees, mostly prepared with a Cajun twist, include crabmeat-stuffed catfish, deep-fried and served with beurre blanc sauce; and grilled pork chop in rum, coconut, and caramelized pineapple sauce. Live jazz or blues offered on Thursday evenings. Open for dinner Mon-Sat; Sunday brunch offered. - Alotta, 02/21/2005

My first visit to Blu 47 was on my birthday this past Friday (July 7) and the service wasn't all that good. My food (Stuffed Chicken Gorgonzola & Broccoli) arrived within 25 minutes at room temperature (unfit to enjoy or eat) and I was scared to send it back (fearing of what they may do to it) so I took it home and gave it to my cat (atleast one of us enjoyed it). I ordered a drink and my server never brought it to me. When I mentioned it to him, he didn't apologize about it. He just gave me this nonchalant attitude. The owner was walking around unprofessionally dressed in a black food spotted smock top, an oily black du-rag tied into a knot and ran over flip-flops, as he gossiped out loudly about personal problems with his wife and twins. The overly priced carrot cake was delicious and the fancy sliced two-toned bread was too thin to enjoy. Overall, I wasted $35 and I have no intentions on dining at Blu 47 again. - Daphne M, 07/10/2006

I have eaten at Blu 47 twice. Both times I enjoyed some really fine food, but both times it was colder than it should have been. My first time was with a party of 4 ... our appetizers all came at different times, as did our main course. It was well prepared, but there is nothing more frustrating than having to wait until the others at your table are served. After three of us were served at about 5-10 minute waits in between, the 4th meal did not arrive until 20 minutes after the third. Service is not their long suit, and that makes the lovely atmosphere, the good food and the pleasant clientele all the poorer. The second time I went, hoping the first time was a fluke, I was surprised to find that service for two can be as abysmal as service for 4. I'm sorry Blu 47, we need upscale places in the neighborhood, but until you get your wait and kitchen staff straightened up, I won't be back for food. Perhaps for drinks and music and then I'll head further north for some decent service and thus warm food. - Jef J, 10/18/2005

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