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Blue Angel Restaurant

5310 N Milwaukee

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Dedicated to the Navy's Blue Angels, the decor is filled with images of the team: plastic models, pictures, and more. Competent diner food and good service. - sys, 12/26/1999

Open 24 hours; popular diner menu. Desserts are highly recommended. - wm, 07/24/2005

This local favorite is one of the best pancake houses around - right up there with Walker Bros. I've been hooked on their skirt steak & eggs and gianormous skillets filled with succulent morsels of breakfast meats, tender chunks of potatoes, and a super thick layer of gooey cheese. All their OJ is freshly squeezed and absolutely delicious. The staff is very friendly and service is fast. I'm not sure if they do reservations but the food is absolutely worth the wait. The only set back with this place is you'll probably walk out a good 3-4lbs heavier than you walked in. - Ralph H., 09/04/2008

Blue Angel is Great! Being open 24 hours I have been here at all different times. The food is great the service is good and the location is IDEAL. Great place for groups and meetings. - Tim R., 12/06/2007

A very nice neighborhood restaurant with delicious entrees and lets not forget their excellent homemade cheesecakes. Great food, Great prices, Fantastic service. Very busy restaurant make reservations!! - Nicole, 02/23/2007

Awesome place for breakfast at any hour of the day. Staff is very friendly and the restaurant is a up to date. My crew and i love eating at BLUE ANGEL RESTAURANT! - COM-ED, 11/14/2006

Nice, elegant space but yet casual, friendly staff and outstanding food!! Im glad Blue Angel restaurant is in the neighborhood. My children love it they offer ballons for the kids with the restaurant logo and restaurant colors they have a very cool child menu with water paint they also offer wine with all complete dinners. Make reservations if your in a 'time frame' they are very crowded WE WILL BE BACK! - Laura A, 10/18/2006

excellent sit down 24-7 restaurant fantastic location, fantastic food, fantastic service very clean and a great staff we will see you soon! GOOD JOB BLUE ANGEL RESTAURANT - Robert S., 10/09/2006

The Blue Angel has the best Chicken Ceasar salad and Feta cheeseburger! - Steve 06/04/04, 06/04/2004

blue angel is defintiely the best restaurant in chicago. i'm there 3-5 nights a week, whether it be with 1 friend or 10. great food and service, not to mention the guy works 23 hour shifts. - mike, 03/19/2003

Blue Angel has been one of my favorites for years!!!! All I can say about the food is that it's perfect in every way. For all the teens..Blue Angel is a late night hang out for coffee. They really dont mind at all if you and your friends just sit around and drink coffee and talk for hours. - Anna Richko, 11/22/2001

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