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Boni Vino Restaurant

111 W Van Buren

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This was a major surprise in a little italian restaurant in the south loop. The food was surprisingly good and the portions were good sized. The individual pizzas were piled high with ingredients and the crust was thin and crispy. The eggplant parmesan was plentiful and very tasty. The cheese on the eggplant was thick and the eggplant was tender. The tomato sauce was not too spicy or acidic. I would definitely recommend this restaurant and plan on going back soon - Chas, 03/20/2007

this is a no frills, family-owned and operated restaurant. The difference with neighboring restaurants, however, is that Boni Vino's is open late (frequently until midnight, although with a 2am license that is sometimes used...) where many places in the downtown South loop are long closed - excepting the more expensive although popular places, such as Italian Village. Boni's can provide a nice homemade pizza, a pasta dinner (the baked salmon is always good, too....) or a 'carry-cup' to go (or beer in a bag) on the nearby Metra train (the 'Rock Island' line). Commuters tend to

Chicago , Boni Vino Restaurant

mingle at the bar, waiting for the next train. It's also a popular spot for parties in the large side room, officially the 'no smoking' section of the restaurant at lunch, and I sometimes ask to be seated there at night, especially on a Friday evening if the smoke from the bar and extended tables becomes too much... they will accommodate. This is also a convenient location for shows at the Auditorium Theater, or the LaSalle Shubert, it it is not too cold out - about a four block walk.
- Bridget, 11/24/2006

Boni Vino is a classic family-run Italian restaurant. The food is good and consistent but does not compare with some of the better Italian restaurants. The restaurant is typically smoke-filled and noisy given the active bar area. The service is decent but it would be nice to have someone say hello and smile every once in awhile. If you are looking for a fairly cheap restaurant with good serving sizes, this is your place. If you are looking for authentic, quality Italian food, you will probably be disappointed. - M. Witt, 10/30/2000

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