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Butter (closed)

130 S Green

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Detail for Butter (closed) : Restaurant, American / Contemporary

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Former site of the Green Room; New owner is converting the nightclub into a modestly priced eatery catering to West Loop residents. - wm, 02/19/2005

American cuisine is prepared with a traditional French-Spanish twist. Start your meal with creative amuse-bouche pairings, then move on to entrees such as Pork Two Ways - grilled tenderloin and braised belly. Other dishes include NY strip accompanied by sides of cauliflower and potato prepared both carmelized and pureed, or halibut. Average dinner entree is $25. Open for dinner Mon-Sat. - Alotta, 07/11/2005

Butter is incredible. The menu is unique, delicious, and well-rounded, with everything from super-duper comfort food like risottos to cutting edge Raviolis made with huge chunks of crab inside clear sheets of Tomato Water gelee. It has something for everyone who loves good food. I'm a supremely picky eater but the dishes are so clean and refined that anyone would be satisfied. Eat there!! Tonight! - SeaLair, 03/22/2007

We came into town to have dinner with friends and had reservations on Friday, August 25th. I was concerned after reading about the inattentive service on other sites but we

Chicago , Butter

pleasantly surprised. The wait staff was excellent. The food was delicious and the presentation was stylish. Everything I expected and more. Unfortunately a group of four women were seated directly next to us although the restaurant was far from full and part way through our meal the sous chef brought his small child out and joined the ladies' party. I don't feel the prices or the ambience warrented that it was acceptable that I should be seated next to an three year old. He wasn't still or quiet for long before being passed from parent-to-parent and sitting on his father's lap. The sosphisticated atmosphere certainly wouldn't lend itself to being a family restaurant. We would have stayed to have dessert or an after dinner drink but we passed and went to Nine instead.
- Elizabeth A., 09/05/2006

For a restaurant with the name Butter, you would think there would be a twist with butter (the food) but that isn't the case. While I wouldn't NOT go back I don't have a huge desire TO go back. The atmosphere was okay - little loud at times. Pleasantly pleased with the purse hook provided, free munchies (ex. truffle popcorn, dill oyster crackers and homemade potato chips) and friendly staff. I highly recommend the risotto. - N Yaniz, 10/12/2005

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