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Cafe Absinthe

1954 W North

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Detail for Cafe Absinthe : Restaurant, French

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Open Mon - Sun 5:30 pm - 10 pm. Reservations required. The old world setting provides a charming backdrop for creative bistro-style cooking with daily menu changes. A comprehensive wine and spirit list adds to this innovative dining experience. - sys, 09/17/2002

Described a s a comfortably funky bistrot, Cafe Absinthe serves a variety of entrees such as mussels with Pernod cream sauce and cured fennel as well as a shredded turkey confit stacked on jalapeno corn bread with blue cheese remoulade. - alotta, 02/01/2000

The alley entrance adds to the character of this long-standing spot. Closely spaced tables and an exposed kitchen provide the backdrop for eclectic small- and large-plate Mediterranean fare with a French twist. Menu items include venison with cherries and butternut- and celeriac- purees, and ostrich carpaccio accompanied by black-eyed-pea salad. Save room for desserts such as ginger-saffron gelato and dark chocolate pate. Open daily for dinner. - Alotta, 04/30/2006

My girlfriend and I recently ate at Absinthe and our expectations were high. Friends who'd been there said that the place was fantastic. We were not disappointed. The foie gras was the

Chicago , Cafe Absinthe

best that I've ever had. The halibut was cooked to perfection. Our waiter was old school. He didn't act like some chimp who works at Chili's eager to pretend he was our friend, nor was he a jerk. We were treated well by all the staff. The open kitchen is a real plus. Watching the cooks at work made the whole experience much more casual. Imagine having dinner at a friend's house, except that friend can cook better than anyone you know. I'll be back to Absinthe again and again.
- Matt R., 09/12/2003

My husband and I ate at Cafe Absinthe several weeks ago. The hostess seated us near the open style kitchen-which we were excited about, however, to our dismay we were not only able to see what the kitchen was cooking, but we could also over-hear the unprofessional 'banter' that took place amongst the staff. Despite the fact that the music was very loud, my husband and I overheard comments made by the kitchen (one cook in particular-whom appeared to be in charge of things) that made the night much less appealing. At one point we asked our waitress if this was 'usual' in terms of operation. In fact I wanted to leave before our meal hit the table-due to what we heard. Our waitress apologized and made up for our uneasiness by being swift and amiable. The food was great-but the side show was not! We have decided not to return...if a rest. has an open style kitchen, the cooks need to realize that not only is the food being watched and consumed, but so is the conversation that takes place. - Susan H., 08/01/2003

My husband picked the perfect place to celebrate with this cafe. Fois gras terrine was delicate and velvety ---just excellent. WE chose pheasant and a strip steak for main course. Steak wasjuicy, full of lavor, and accompanied by the best roasted peas, with small roasted potatoes plus the julienne of orange and shiitake mushrooms adding just the right hint of flavor. With a fine bottle of Lehman Barossa, and a fine waiter, we had a completely great evening. - Lynn Marcus, 08/10/2001

I had some of the best food I've ever had last night at Absinthe. The service, however, was abysmal. They were half an hour late on our reservation. We recieved little to no attention from a very tentative waiter. Asked for water three times. He missed an appetizer and a dessert. Other than that, brilliant! -, 01/23/2000

I took my family here when they came into town last month. We had a few cocktails at the bar first, then sat down to have a great dinner. I highly recommend this resturant to anyone that likes quality food and service. There is valet in the back so it makes parking easy. - Benny, 04/05/2009

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