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Cafe Iberico

739 N LaSalle
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Detail for Cafe Iberico : Restaurant, Tapas

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Top-of-the-line tapas such as Spanish ham with manchego cheese makes this place a hit. Other selection include blood sausage and grilled shrimp. Be prepared to wait in this always bustling restaurant, but service is quick once you get a table. Open Mon-Thurs 11 am-11:30 pm, Fri 11 am-1:30 am, Sat 12 pm-1:30 am, Sun 12 pm-11 pm. - Alotta, 06/23/2005

I used to go to Cafe Iberico often when I lived there in the late 90's, and it was always very good. Then I moved away. I went back to visit Chicago with my husband in the fall of 2005 and was so excited to take him there. We sat down and I smelled a stench that was coming from the bathroom. It was so stron and horrible that we had to leave. The hostess offered to move us to another table, but my appetite was gone. I was so disappointed. - M.M., 08/06/2006

Best value authentic tapas in town. Need to work on cleanliness. Beware of the sangria on busy weekends. We once saw on a Saturday night, near the downstairs bar,

Chicago , Cafe Iberico

a plastic garbage can filled with sangria. The waiters were pouring wine from bottles they picked up off of tables that had just been vacated. Turned us off to ordering sangria there ever again.
- CS and BC, 06/22/2001

I was very dissapointed with the service and management at Cafe Iberico. I went to Cafe Iberico on April 6th to celebrate my birthday and I was humiliated and emabarrassed in front of my group of friends and the rest of the Cafe. We were waiting for over an hour to be seated when out of the blue a gentlemen who called himself 'Tim' came up to me and without any explanation asked me to leave. He would use the excuse that I was pinpointed by a bartender to be a instigator and that I had two choices, to leave voluntarily or to wait for the police. I asked politely for an explanation as to what was going on but all he would repeatedly say is 'I dont want to talk about it'. The manager of the restaurant was also present and he would not give me an explanation either. I tried to explain to the manager and 'Tim' that I was from out of town and that I was there to have a good time and celebrate my birthday, but they would not listen. I asked politely to talk to the bartender who pinpointed me out but they refused. I really believe that was a ploy and excuse to kick all of my party out of the restaurant. I really would like an apology from Cafe Iberico. There is no reason for a paying customer to be treated like this. Another thing, we had three pitchers of Sangria at the bar and they were taken and dumped out. They did not allow us to finish the drinks, we had paid for, and they wouldnt refund or money either. The management there was very unprofessional. I believe Cafe Iberico is bias as to what type of people they want there and this is just another form of racism. - JG, 04/10/2001

I agree, its overrated - just too noisy and crowded - the margarita's are also watery. Unfortunately, my friends like to go there so I am impelled. - anonymous, 04/06/2001

I'm Going Today!!!! Their paella is incredible! I've tried their seafood and chicken/pork paella. I can't decide which one I like better. Their Sangria is a great compliment to this dish. - Michael, 02/16/2001

Great service, great food, and all around fun place to go with friends! And the Sangria is to die for.... - Jenny, 07/17/2000

Great prices, superb atmosphere, excellent food. Definetly try the goat cheese and calamari.... - Gokhan, 01/28/2000

Excellent tapas! Try the potatoes and the goat cheese. The sangria was to die for and the prices were great. - YGee, 05/14/1999

Does not accept reservations. We had a party of 14 and had to wait for 2 hours. Food and Sangria were excellent. Try the Salmon and Shrimp tapa. Good prices. - DP, 11/16/1998

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