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Cafe Society

1801 S Indiana

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Located in the Vietnam Veterans Museum, this eatery serves sandwiches, salads, soups, and breakfast all day. Open Sun-Wed 7am-6pm; Thurs-Sat 7am-11pm. - wm, 12/10/2005

i've lived a couple of blocks away for 7 years. neighbors have said that cafe society is not how they'd run a restaurant. after a recent early morning summer jog, i took a nap, woke up hungry and walked over to cafe society's outdoor cafe. I ordered a chicken and broccoli crepe with yummy curry sauce, fresh fruit, chips and salsa since i was starving and an ice tea or something. at about $17.50 it was steep and the fruit and chips were sub-par but the crepe was really good. if i didn't get the chips, maybe it would have been about $12 or $13 total and would have seen like a better price. i didn't mind though--i like to support local restaurants, especially when there is no food in my home. ;) the outdoor seating area is nice--that's the draw. they played a bob marley album, the chef was walking around talking to people in

Chicago , Cafe Society

his mario-like chef outfit, a birdie stopped on my plate and brazingly grabbed a chip and flew off before i could stop it (cute), i got to bring my dog with me for some fresh air and i got to talk to people at other tables, which is worth $17.50 to me. also, i'm secretly hoping that one day former mayor richard m. daley, jr. will emerge from his nearby townhouse sans entourage, stop in for a coffee (i heard he does from time to time), be delighted with my conversation ability and invite me to sit with him for a half an hour in the private dining area. a girl can dream.
- jms, 07/02/2011

We visited on a a few nights ago and found the menu to be uninteresting, and the food to be way below our expectations for a neighborhood cafe. Poor service was the final straw. There are too many other fine restaurants opening in the south loop. Take my advice and pass this one by. - pilsendude, 07/07/2007

Cafe Society , Chicago

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