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Caponie's Trattoria

3350 N Harlem

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Detail for Caponie's Trattoria : Restaurant, Italian / Pizza

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Enjoy well-prepared, classic Italian dishes. Entrees (in the $12 range) include chicken Parmesan in fresh tomato sauce, and flavorful thin-crust Margherita pizza. Open Tues-Sun for lunch; dinner served nightly. Recommended item: the Margherita Pizza. - Alotta, 12/15/2005

I have been going there for years and its only because of the food and not the service. But recently i went and not only enjoyed the food but our server was excellent. I can only hope that this improvement sticks cuz they really needed to get some new waiters/waitresses. thankyou karen for an great experience all around you are good at what you do! - delighted customer, 11/01/2008

I went here for the first time. There is absolutely no customer service. I sat down by myself to eat. They just looked at me and ignored me. Maybe because I am a female. If I was a guy or a group of guys they would have waited on me faster. I finally asked can someone wait on me. Finally a girl came and I ordered a small pizza and a RC Cola to drink. I had better frozen pizza from the grocery store. I wanted to fill out an application for a server. The female with the dark hair and poney tail told me that they were not hiring. Then she went behind the bar and talked about me to the employees. Like what are you worred about your job?? You should be. You have no respect for the customer. No customer service to people who come in for a job or even ask a question. How did you get that job. The employees spend time behind the bar talking about the customers. This is discrimination. DOES THE EMPLOYER KNOW THAT THIS IS GOING ON DOES HE EVEN CARE. Today I contacted the restaurant and wanted to speak to the owner, of course he was not available. I spoke to a female who claimined that she was the manager. I don't known who she was but she told me that the owner would be calling me back. If he doesn't I am filing a complaint with the Labor Department. I wonder if those people working there are even 21. People Watch will be Watching. For customers go to a real restaurant where there is real customer service and they are happy to see you and welcome you with open arms. - anonymous, 05/22/2008

I agree with you the service still has not improved and the servers are still hanging out at the bar. - Disgusted customer, 05/22/2008

I just ate at Caponie's last night and had the worst experience ever. My family and I have been going there for 5-6 years and had nothing but the best food and service at a great price. Last night was different. While the food was spectacular as usual...the server blatantly ignored me and my elderly mother. Many tables were in and out while we were still waiting for food and than eventually a check. No one asked if we wanted coffee or dessert and we had to ask the manager TWICE for our check because the server was having too much fun in the bar area. - pastarina, 11/06/2006

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