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Cheli's Chili Bar (closed)

1137 W Madison

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Open during hockey season. - sys, 12/26/1999

the DEARBORN 'CHELI'S' is now open!!! My husband and I were driving by yesterday(8-13-03)and noticed there were people inside!! So we stopped in and they were indeed open!! They opened @ 11am wednesday afternoon! A nice (loud)kinda place, lots of memoriabilia....The food was ok.(just had a sampler and a few beers)Nice place to hang out after work! - jennypie, 08/14/2003

Hi All, Just a note to say that Cheli's Chili in Dearborn has not yet opened but looks like it's close! From what you can see from the outside it looks like it will be fantastic and definately the place to watch the Wings in action. On the back upper wall of the place is an awesome mural of Stevie Y holding up the cup and 3 wings in the background, very cool and classy looking. So happy Chris chose Deaborn to open one of his chili joints! Thanks Chris! - crazywingfan in Dearborn!, 08/07/2003

We took a ride into Dearborn to see Cheli's Chili and the contoversial mural. It was covered by a tarp. :( Can't figure out WHY it's

Chicago , Cheli's Chili Bar

a's not even big. Hope we get to see it someday! Good luck Cheli!
-, 07/01/2003

Cheli's is a GREAT PLACE to have Fun. The food is Real good To. It gets a double thumbs up from me. I wish we had Great Places like this in Japan. - YUKO, 05/29/2003

Cheli's Chili opening in downtown Dearborn sometime in Early April. Corner of Oakwood and Michigan Ave. Heard from #24 last night (2-17-03) on the radio. - Dearborn connection, 02/18/2003

I myself have been to Chi for the Hawks and Cheli's. Unfortunately, you can only get Cheli's Bar stuff from there. But, for those of you who plan to go there it's worth it. You can buy t-shirts, autographed pucks, jerseys, and more that he actually signs. I myself brought back 10 boxes of chili in a cooler on a trane. That was 4 years ago and still have one box in the freezer. MMMMM...Tasty, HuH! Well, hope this helps you all out a little. Maybe i'll see ya there sometime. L8TR, Yall!!! - Samboni, 02/07/2003

Cheli...I love you!!! I saw you at the bar :-) Can't wait to see you again! Go Cheli!!! #24 forever!!! - Kourtney, 12/15/2002

This place is awesome!!!!!!!! Never go out of business, PLEASE!!!!!!!!! The food is great, im not kidding. GO WINGS!!!!!! - Rachel Worth, 12/14/2002

Will be going to Cheli's tonight before Hawks vs. Coyotes game. Haven't been to Cheli's since the first year it opened when it was just a small bar. Gotta get some chili and a brew. Home opener for the Hawks. One month to the day after the terrorist attacks. The national anthem will be very special tonight. Go USA! -, 10/11/2001

I live in Cincinnati, and a few years ago, two of my friends and I went to Chicago to see Chris play. We went to Cheli's afterwards, but Melissa was the only one of age at the time to get in. She left her ID at the hotel! I made them stand in the pouring rain until I figured out how I was going to get his autograph. He is by far my favorite hockey player ever! Finally, I had to pay somebody $5 to take my jersey in and get him to sign it. I didn't get to meet him personally, but it was by far the best night of my life! Sorry that the Hawks lost him, but the Wings need him! Good luck and we love you! From - Trisha, 08/29/2000

I would like to thank the fine City of Chicago for providing such a great addition to the beloved Detroit Red Wings. He has done nothing but made the Wings that much more intimidating to other teams. We needed it badly after losing Konstantinov. All you Hawks fans go easy on Cheli, he did what he had to do. I look forward to visiting the chili bar after the Wings win the cup for Cheli, he deserves it! - Dave Apel, Metro Detroit, 03/21/2000

Go, Red Wings! Congrats to Cheli on a great +23 season! - Alotta, 02/20/2000

I think you are a great hockey player and i am extremely glad that you are here with the Red Wings. Best of luck anywhere you go! - Red Wings Fan, 07/24/1999

We will certainly miss Chelios on the ice in a Hawk's jersey. You can take the boy out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of the boy. - Scott M. Krus, 05/20/1999

Chris,We are all sadened about your departure and wish you nothing but the best in Detroit.We will all welcome you back home with open arms when your season ends.John Dawson Burbank,Il - John, 03/25/1999

Sorry to hear about you leaving town. My students and I were discussing it today in school (I teach gifted students, many of which are big fans of yours and look up to you). I hope all goes well with you and your family in Detroit. Take care and god bless. Your friend Laura Janakas (email address Say hi to your mom, dad, Gigi, Penny, Elene, Stevie and your own family of course. - Laura Janakas, 03/24/1999

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