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A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
is just a click away!


Chicago Restaurants     [ Z ]

Z and H Market CafeLunch - Z&H/Sandwiches1126 E 47th773-538-7372Chicago
Z and H Market CafeAmerican/Sandwiches1323 E 57th Chicago
Z's Fish and Shrimp (closed)Seafood2273 N LincolnclosedChicago
ZacatecasMexican2860 N Milwaukee773-486-9070Chicago
ZadMiddle Eastern3112 N Broadway773-404-3473Chicago
ZaiqaIndian/Pakistani858 N Orleans312-280-1652Chicago
Zaky (closed)Middle Eastern5204 N ClarkclosedChicago
Zam ZamIndian2403 W Devon773-262-7676Chicago
Zam Zam (closed)Continental2960 N LincolnclosedChicago
ZapatistaMexican1307 S Wabash312-435-1307Chicago
Zarrosta Grill (closed)Mediterranean/Wines1045 N RushclosedChicago
Zaven's (closed)Continental/American260 E ChestnutclosedChicago
Zealous (closed)Continental419 W SuperiorclosedChicago
Zed 451Brazilian/Steaks739 N Clark312-266-6691Chicago
ZellaAmerican/Nightclub1938 N Clybourn773-549-2910Chicago
Zen NoodlesAsian/Noodles1852 W North773-276-8300Chicago
Zen NoodlesAsian1624 W Belmont773-549-2201Chicago
Zephyr CafeAmerican/Ice Cream1777 W Wilson773-728-6070Chicago
Zeppo's DinerAmerican2814 N Halsted773-529-3999Chicago
ZestMediterranean525 N Michigan312-321-8766Chicago
Zia Mexican Cafe (closed)Mexican340 W ArmitageclosedChicago
Zia's TrattoriaItalian6699 N Northwest Hwy773-775-0808Chicago
Zig Zag KitchenGlobal/Eclectic2436 N Lincoln773-472-2222Chicago
Zinfandel (closed)American59 W GrandclosedChicago
ZK Food (closed)American1633 N MilwaukeeclosedChicago
ZocaloMexican/Small Plate358 W Ontario312-302-9977Chicago
Zodiac Room - Nieman MarcusContinental737 N Michigan312-642-5900Chicago
Zoku SushiJapanese/Asian/Sushi1616 N Kedzie773-227-1616Chicago
Zoom Kitchen (closed)American923 N RushclosedChicago
Zoom Kitchen (closed)American/Brunch1646 N DamenclosedChicago
Zoom Kitchen (closed)American247 S StateclosedChicago
ZouZouMediterranean1406 W Belmont773-755-4020Chicago
Zucco (closed)Italian543 W DiverseyclosedChicago
Zum Deutschen Eck (closed)German2924 N SouthportclosedChicago
Zza Zzo (closed)Cuban/Dancing551 N OgdenclosedChicago
A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
is just a click away!

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