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Chicago's Pizza & Pasta

4520 W Irving Park

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My boyfriend and I went to the Irving park establishment today (11/12/07) at about 1:00 for lunch. I just recently just moved to the area and we were curious to try this place out. I had called when I first moved here to see if you were hiring and they told me no- they must have been mistaken; some new staff is a must. I hope today's show of server skills is not what you base your company around. Our server was not attentive, seemed flustered with 7 guests, and looked, for lack of better words, unbathed. We had initially gone there for pizza, but there were so many choices so we strayed away. I think this was our first problem- the more choices a restaurant has, the quality just isn't there. We ordered the Eggplant Four Cheese for an appetizer. We were both very disappointed- the taste was very much an acquired one. We both took a bite and put it back on the plate it came. Not only did our server look at us but

Chicago , Chicago's Pizza and Pasta

the lady who was running the front end went by twice and never asked how things were. Finally when our main meal was at our table she asked if we wanted it wrapped. NO thanks! - She asked us why we did not like it and said sorry as she was walking away. Needless to say, it was still on our bill at the end- I guess customer satisfaction is not a big thing here. When we were greeted we were not asked if we wanted anything to drink- so we did not have an opportunity to order them until we ordered our meal. I don't think it would have made a difference since we didn't even get out drinks until our meals had been dropped at the table and our water glasses had been sitting empty for sometime. Your establishment must not want to give out refills or something! Our meals were just as disappointing- the dinner salad was great if you were a rabbit and needed shaved lettuce that you could only pick up using your fork like a spoon. I had the Italian Grilled Cheese Panini. First off, my tomato was not the slightest bit ripe. I know they are out of season but it was way too hard. My mozzarella cheese was so wet that it ruined the whole bottom piece of bread it came on. Fresh mozzarella should be drained a little bit and my basil was half wilted. Not the best presentation to give to a customer. My boyfriend had that Linguini Aglio E Olio. His pasta was way over cooked and had way too much sauce on it for the dish it is supposed to be. We have had our fair share of Italian cuisine and this really was embarrassing for us to eat and sit through our meal. We have both been around a strong Italian family and have been servers for years, and this was just a disaster. I can only wish you greater luck in the future and hope that when it comes to someone reviewing your establishment you will take into account your staff and food you are providing to your customers.
- Kristen, 11/12/2007

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