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Clara's Restaurant (Clara and James)

3159 N California

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This honest-to-goodness greasy spoon offers a $2.50 breakfast special of two eggs, toast, and hash browns. In addition to standard favorites, the menu offers chop suey and fried rice. Open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Sat, closed Sun, cash only. - Alotta, 03/04/2005

I am sorry I spent $15.00 there.I think the waitress got the hint when I did not leave a tip.First of all the service was poor it seemed like the waitress did not want to be there because the only people she was being friendly to were the ones at the table behind me. She had the nerve to complain out loud about having to be there on a Sunday. When she brought our drinks I tell her "Thank you" and I get no reaction from her; she brings our food I tell her "Thank you" and again no reaction! It seemed the only time she reacted was when my daughter was standing next to me in the aisle and she got upset that my daughter was there. Not only did she bark at my daughter - she

Chicago , Clara's Restaurant

barked at the other child that was at the next table with her Mother too. She also attacked the two gentlemen on the other side of me when the restaurant got busier and they asked for something else with their food. My food was nothing to write home about. They claim to "have the best hash browns in town". I'm glad the hash browns were better that the moldy jelly they served me with my toast. I saw the prices and I thought I was getting a deal. The greasy spoons in town are disappearing and are getting harder to find, it is a shame that the good ones are gone and the not so good survive.
- Dennis H., 01/27/2008

I can't believe people actually like this hole in the wall. I should of ran when they had chop suey and fried rice next to their bacon and eggs. Our dishes were cold and so was the service. The gravy for the biscuits was yellow and the sausage was playdo. It appears as if I and the other reviewers were at two different restaurants. Worst breakfast ever! - Jill, 11/18/2007

We often dine at Clara's and the food is fantastic! Tney have the best hot home made bread. If we are going out for pasta there is no other place better. - Ron Slotkus, 09/29/2004

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