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Como Inn (closed)

546 N Milwaukee

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Popular for parties, yet intimate for romantic interludes. Spacious rooms feature fantasy decors. Fine Italian fare includes saltimbocca and zuppa del mare. Piano music nightly. - sys, 12/26/1999

From weddings to fraternity parties to business dinners, I will always remember Joe Marchetti and the COMO Inn. I was a fraternity brother at Beloit College and Joe and I often went out for dinner on Friday night in Beloit in his 1955(56) Thunderbird. Great times, great food and lots of memories. Lionel Dace, Beloit 1957 - Lionel Dace, 12/24/2011

I loved the como Best boss and friend Joe Marchetti - Gilberto RaffantiI i, 09/13/2011

The mention of 'Como Inn' in our family always brings a lot of smiles and reminscing. Many of our family members' birthdays and graduations were celebrated there in the 60's and 70's. The food, service and fanciful Italian decor will always be remembered and missed. When we eloped, my wife and I sent there for an early dinner. An elderly man approached us in our private booth to say to me, '.....when you have her, you have everything....' We later learned that gentleman was Mr. Marchetti

Chicago , Como Inn

himself! What a sweet addition to our Como Inn memory vault!
- keithjohnson849, 08/06/2011

I lived in Chicago 1970-1974. Como Inn was my favorite restaurant and I often dinned there with a friend from work. We would sit in one of the private booths and leisurely enjoy our mean. My friend was a very large Italian who taught me so much about authentic Italian food. I then live in Warsaw Indiana and Rockford Illinois until 1983 and would visit Como Inn whenever I could. For the first time I will visit Chicago since 1983 and sadly will not have the opportunity to introduce my wife to the best restaurant I ever went to. - Paul Anderson, 06/17/2011

I worked for the Como Inn when Stephano, Larry and Joe were there. I really enjoyed seeing all the hockey players and other Chicago elite dine there day in and day out. Some of the best food I ever tasted was served at the Como Inn. Joe was the best person I ever for. I truly miss this Chicago Landmark and all the people I worked with. - David Jefferson, 04/15/2011

I worked with Brian Jaglin who was a good friend and I think a college classmate of Joe, I do not know if he is still alive but my wife and I enjoyed the chicken coop room and that goes back to the late 60's or early 70's. sorry to know that it has closed.My Como Inn credit card was number 8015. -, 10/21/2010

Way back in the old days of the 20s and 30s many of Chicago crime elite including Al dined at the Como Inn, but for me I started in the early 60's since my parents and aunts were regulars and we lived on Flournoy Street located on the near west side. I never stopped going and all through the 70s I used this as my signature date place. I moved to California in the 80s but always found time to go back for another visit. The countless people and characters I met there was like being in a 1940s B&W movie. No other place I have ever seen adn will never see again. It was a slice of time and history that makes you realize when it's gone, it's gone. Thank God for memories and finding new places that can rival this historic venue. - Joe Maffia, 11/18/2008

9/20/108 18:09:10=wooooow i remember it just a lil bit, but i do remember that my parents and a whole mess of my uncles use to work there!!! What i do remember is that it was super fancy and everyone there was always super nice = ) we still have some plates that have written "Como Inn" in the midle of them. I wonder what would have happened if it hadn't closed... I miss it alot even though i didn't really go there that much!!! - gaby, purri's hija, 10/15/2008

My father worked at the Como Inn Chicago, I remember when he would bring home the cheese cakes. I also been to several weddings at the Como Inn. My father also painted a picture on one of the walls there, I only remember seeing it once or twice, I think it was a painting of Adam and Eve next to a tree. I really would like to know someone else who has seen it or has a picture of it, that would really make me happy. - G. Campagna, 07/12/2008

The first time I visited the Como Inn was when I was about 8 years old, around 1957. I went there with my father and grandfather and a group of salesmen from the now defunct Chicago Cycle Supply Company on N. Desplaines Av. What a treat for an 8 year old. I had never seen anything like it. The seating, the menu the wonderful waitress all at a reserved table. Over the years, every time I visited Chicago I would always go to the Como Inn to eat. Sadly, in 2001 when I was there I discovered that it had closed. What a shame. I have the most wonderful memories of the Como Inn. There will never be another restaurant like it. - Art Hahn, 05/30/2008

I feel like this was my second home. . I grew up with the Marchetti boys and loved our weddings,showers, Communion parties and holidays... . The best food on earth, ambiance, music and service. . Thanks to all the Marchetti's,, I was blessed to be part of your lives and family.... . Love you~ Cousin Patsy California - Pat Zentara, 09/18/2007

I must say...better than many of the restaurants around Florence. But then again I am not in Como. Italy to suggest better if possible And the might say........nothing! A real treat! Suggest it no matter where you are from or live while in Chicago. - David Werbeck ' Montemurlo, Italy, 03/03/2000

This may be the most complete, and certainly is among the best, restaurants in the Chicago area. When I was a bachelor in the early 1970s, this is where I dined my first dates. There had to be something on the menu for any of them, no matter their tastes! Oh, by the way, try the lamb chops. No better around! We have nothing like the Como Inn in the Endless Mountains region of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Uh, in fact, we have nothing. I could have stopped there. -, 04/10/1999

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