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Dick's Last Resort

315 N Dearborn
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Open Sun 10 am - 2 am, Mon - Thurs 11 am - 2 am, Fri 11 am - 4 am, Sat 11 am - 5 am. Valet parking available. Dick's features live music nightly, no cover or dress code, and as a warning to the uninitiated, no class! Full bar service featuring over 70 beers available. Billed as 'the Shame of Chicago,' Dick's also features food such as buckets of pork ribs and barbecued beef, catfish, shrimp, chicken, steak, and salads. Live music Sunday brunch. Very popular bachelorette party destination. - sys, 09/08/2003

This past saturday me and 11 friends were from out of town and we wanted to just have a bite to eat. So we decided to stop at Dicks cuz we heard it was good. The waiter didnt give us any menus and asked us if we just wanted buffet, we said yes not knowing what the price was. Come to find out the price was 20 dollars per person. We were pissed. The food was horrible, it was breakfast that was sitting out for i

Chicago , Dick's Last Resort

dont know how long, and most of the people only ate a couple of things and they still made us pay full price. The waiter added his tip on which was 30 dollars and he didnt do crap to earn it. I dont think ill be eating at this place again.
- Justin, 04/24/2007

I love Dicks last resort. the more mean and crazy it is makes it the best time. people who dont get that wont have fun. Its a good time - Sami, 09/21/2006

I recently went to Dick's for a Bachelorette Party and was completely astounded with the way that we were neglected. After waiting for twenty minutes to see our waiter, I had to get up and get menus for our Party. Another annoyance was the way that the waiter was hitting on some of the girls that we were with the entire hour even though they were clearly uncomfortable. When the waiter feels it neccesary to apoligize to your party after a meal, it is not a good sign. - tprice, 07/18/2005

Dicks is great, a bunch of friends and i are currently

Chicago , Dick's Last Resort

getting ready to visit again. One experience our waiter came up to us, handed out menus, and said ' Hello, i am your waiter and i am going to wait' he walked off and didnt return for 15 min.! Everyone in my family enjoys Dick's! Espicially the gals!!
- chelsy lazar- elkhart IN, 12/11/2004

I love the Dick's in Chicago. It was the first time for me, and I will never forget it. Great food,super drinks, and cool guys (you know who you are) I totaly plan on going back and getting more Dick's. - Colie, 08/18/2003

I visited Chicago twice last summer and I have to say Dicks was one of my favorite stops! At first I didn't know what to expect when after running in from the rain, the waiter told me I looked like a drowned rat. After my friend calmed me down and explained that was his job, I relaxed and started to appreciate the atmosphere! The marinated chicken sandwich is the best in the world and the beers are GREAT!!!! Nothing could beat the bathroom though! We bought 'toys' from all of the vending machines and gave them to our friend as

Chicago , Dick's Last Resort

THANKS for bringing us to Dicks. I hope to be back the end of this month! Thanks for such a fun time!!!
- anonymous, 05/06/2003

I had dinner at your place on the 31st of May. Your shicken was over cooked and mushy and the ribs were probably the worst I've had in Chicago. No meat what soever on them. Our server Tobias was more annoyeing than entertaining. - Terry, 06/06/2002

Simply the best, better than all the rest. Have been going twice a year for 5 years, Bartender Ron remembers what I drink every time. All staff the greatest. - Patricia A Johnson, St Paul MN, 04/09/2002

Went to Dicks for the first time yesterday. The food was great. So was the atmosphere. I live in ohio and would like to know of one closer to home. -, 04/03/2002

I was in Chicago for a Conference with some Co-workers. We were hungry for ribs so I said lets go to Dick's. I didn't tell them what kind of Resturant it was. Needless to say the service was so good that after one of my co-workers was done eating he immediately left because he said it was just too much for him. You can bet that I'll be coming back for more! - purr77 05-30-01, 05/30/2001

The last time I ate at Dick's was with a bunch of my friends, almost every time that the waitress would come by she would spill our drinks on a diffrent person in the group. IT WAS GREAT! - Jared G., 04/19/2001

Dicks in Chicago is the best! The staff was awesome, not to mention hot. Visit dicks and you won't be able to control yourself from grabbing an ass, throwing some napkins or donating your bra. The best memories of our trip to Chicago were created at Dick's.Andrew, Chris, Dave,Mike, Eryl, and everyone else that works there, Lisa from North Dakota says thank you. You were awesome!We'll be back! -, 04/04/2001

after i went to Dicks, i went straight to Church. -, 02/25/2001

One of my top places to go to when I visit Chicago with my friends. Great place to meet people from everywhere and a fun place to create lasting memories!!! - Kim Svoboda, 01/03/2001

If you are looking for entertainment, go to Dick's; it will happen to you, whether you need it or not. - Chuck Draper, 09/23/2000

I have been to Dicks once with my Dad and brother. The service was hillarious and entertaining. I plan on taking my girlfriend to Dicks in a couple of weeks. - Mike, 09/25/1999

I was in Dick's And it was a good laugh and the beer cheap.....can't go wrong there.But they kicked us out when we started to throw beer and ice....I thought throwing stuff was what dick's was about??? - Phil Cox , Irish, 08/05/1999

I slipped into one of the Gospel Sunday Brunches, and it was great. The food was abundent and delicious, and the wait staff was suitably entertaining. The gosepen group was excellent. Besides that, the vending machines and phone numbers on the men's room walls gave me something to do the rest of the day! - David Habben, Boise, ID, 03/15/1999

Visited Chicago from Kansas. My friends and I had lots of fun there. I felt like a kid all over again. Throwing napkins was AWESOME! GREAT THEME, GREAT RESTAURANT!! - B. Loya, 02/26/2000

Hi we all attendend a birthday celebration on Jan. 15,2000,and we had a really great time until the person that was cleaning our table off threw our food in the garbage and we told him not to touch it because we weren't finished eating yet. The manager didn't say a thing about it and didn't offer to take any money off the cost of our dinners. That's pretty bad there were 10 people in the party that was with us. They should have offered us half price meals or to pay for them. What we did eat was superior and I'd hate to give your establishment bad reviews, since I was highly recommended by so many people from Chicago, they said the best place to have a time of your life, and we did have a great time the waiter was great. Thanks for the memories and not for the other waiter taking our food. - 10 angry Hoosiers, 01/05/2000

Dick's went out of their way to seat 11 of us, and you guys are supposed to be rude! Love the hats, and the waiter was awesome! - Angi Cristan, 09/15/1999

My family was there last Saturaday (2/13/99), had a great time!!!! My son Zach said 'this place is crazy-crazy!' Waiters name was Greg showed us a great time. We'll be back on a party bus!! - C. Shortley, 02/17/1999

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