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Ed Debevic's

640 N Wells

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Open Mon - Thurs 11 am - 10 pm, Fri - Sat 11 am - 12 am, Sun 11 am - 10 pm. This classic, touristy diner features a sassy waitstaff that is prone to dancing on the counters! Burgers, chili, blue-plate specials and wet fries make this place what it is. - sys, 09/12/2002

I went to Ed Debevic's when I visted the States in (yikes!) 1990. Was just nostalga-tripping last night and dug the name up out of the back of my memory. I was taken there by some the daughter of some family friends and it was everything my young America-obsessed self was after in a diner experience. Hope to go again some day! - Tim, Oxford, England, 02/10/2008

What the heck happened to this place? It USED to be good. Was there recently and was sent to the worst table, asked for another one, was sent to a table that hadn't been set up next to the bus station. Food was horrible. Burgers were burnt and old meat. French fries were coated with something unsavory. Didn't even get a straw with

Chicago , Ed Debevic's

my drink nor did the waiter check on us. Someone else brought us our food. Service was incredibly slow. One of the other waiters banged on our table and one was screaming 'no' and slapping some little girl's doll. Our check was delivered before we were done eating and were not questioned when half the food was left whether everything was okay and/or we wanted a doggy bag. I wouldn't have believed it had I not experienced myself. An insane waste of 25 bucks for two heinous burgers, coke and a runny shake. I think there's better food in the Twilight Zone. Oh wait! We WERE in the Twilight Zone.
- Cass L, 07/08/2006

Wow! A group of highschoolers (myself included) from Virginia went to Chicago for a school trip. One of the included meals was at Ed Debevic's. The funny thing is, apparantly Ed's is KNOWN for the waiters. We did not know this. Boy, were we surprised when the the waiter came in and started throwing mayonaise packets all over the room just because *somebody* wanted mayonaise. We quickly caught on, our waiter was hilarious. The coolest thing for us was that he teased us, but we teased back and he took it well. After much banter among ourselves and the staff, it was time for the mini-sundaes. It's a good thing that those were souveniers, most of us planned on taking them with us anyway (haha). Overall, the food was pretty good, the service was, um, one-of-a-kind?, and the atmosphere was awesome. It made for an incredible- experience- that we all still talk about in class. - OrkDork, 04/20/2005

We went to Ed's during a recent Orchestra trip to Chicago, (the guitar group went too) and it was sooo much fun! It was unlike any restaraunt we have around here. The food was great and the restaraunt (especially the waiters) had sooo much personality. Our waiter was funny from jump- we all had a great time bickering with him. Then the meal was rounded off with this awesome little mini-sundae (we got to keep the glass). Ed's was certainly one of the highlights of our trip. - WHS student, 04/20/2005

The first and last time i came here was on december 2003... it was sooooo fun, and they celebrated my '21th b-day' tho i am actually 17... at least they gave me a mini sundae, and i got to keep the lil glass... the service there is great and the staff is teasing you all the time, and is fun cuz you can tease them back!... hopefully if i go back to USA (i'm from Argentina!!) i'll come back here with my american family and friends.. weeee - Car Car, 09/30/2003

I will never forget when my family was in from out of town, and we visited Ed's. Myhusband and I were 'tour guides', and new that Ed's would be the right place for fun. We had the waitress put plastic bags on us like we were wearign bibs, so we could enjoy the kitchen sink nachos. WHAT A BLAST!!!!! - Heather Moore age:23, 08/19/2003

I went to Ed's my 6th grade year on a Chicago field trip!~ I am now a sophmore and have been back to Ed's 6 times since then and I live in southern Indiana!~ It was great, they're very rude and the service is horrible!~ : ) My kind of place, with my kind of people!~ I really need to try getting a job there!~ lol I reccomend everyone to try Ed's atleast once!~ - Amber, 07/07/2003

If your in Chicago for two evenings -- It should be required that you spend an evening at Ed Debevic's -- A LOT OF FUN IS ALOUD -- THE SERVICE IS WILD and TALENTED --(The waiters/waitresses are real comics, that sing and dance) IF THERE IS A HEAVEN THERE IS AN Ed Debevic's --- Besides a full tummy, you'll leave with a big smile on your face! GB SCS (Detroit Suburb) 02/18/2002 - GB, 02/21/2002

I'm 14 years old, and I never heard of Ed Debevic's. But when I went, it was awesome! Our waitress had pink hair, was funny, sang, and was very nice. Before we left, some waiters and waitresses (including ours) where singing and dancing on the table. Sat.Jan 5, 2002 I liked it a lot! I'm going there again! - Susan R., 01/07/2002


For a 5th grade trip we went to chicago. We ate at eds, everyone loved it. Now we are going this year for the 8th grade trip. I can't wait to go. It's like the best!! - Ashley Fulgenti, 03/03/2001

I just got back from there and it was so much fun......the waiters get up and dance and are rude but in a good can say whatever you want to them, but not to the people next to you. So if you want to go to a place you can relax and have fun this is the place to go! - Juice, 07/19/2000

Great food with great service with a great atmosphere! - stanky shanky, 02/14/2000

I have lived in chicago for about five years now, and whenever people come into town to visit I take them to Ed's. The food is always great, the service is always bad(yes I mean it!) And everyone always loves it. Thanks to Ed's I can relax when people come into town! Ed's is a must see for anyone visiting! - Kailey O, 06/27/1999

The kids love this place! There is always something going on and they make a great shake. - Leann Pruitt, 12/31/1998

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