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Ed's Potsticker House

3139 S Halsted

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Detail for Ed's Potsticker House : Restaurant, Chinese / Mandarin

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Menu options include pork with garlic sauce, sweet and sour chicken, green pepper steak, and sesame crispy chicken. House potstickers are 6" long, pan fried with special meat and vegetable filling - 6 are $5. Open daily 11am-10pm. - wm, 08/29/2004

Recommended: the Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce and the Cashew Chicken.

This is superb Chinese cuisine!
Limited delivery area - call for details. - js999, 01/29/2006

Ed's is my own favorite restaurant anywhere. I have not encountered real Northern cooking elsewhere in the US--it is different from the usual Chinese-restaurant fare & well worth a try. The regular pork dumplings are the closest thing to Chinese dumplings in China that I've ever eaten in this country; they are hands-down delicious. Can't think of what particularly to recommend, I have so many favorites here.... ask for in-season fresh vegetables (doumiao are especially delicious), & try some fresh soymilk if you've not had it before (it's not at all like the stuff you buy at the store). - ed's is the best, 03/30/2008

Ed's Potsticker House is probably one of the WORST meals I have ever had in my

Chicago , Ed's Potsticker House

entire existance. How lazy can one be to not form their potstickers in dumpling form to only call it their "House Speciality". The decor and service were horredous even by Archer Avenue standards. We didn't even get to try the Shanghai dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) because of some song and dance about how something in the kitchen was frozen even though the table (seated after us) got their order of Xiao Long Bao before us. Also, how does one mess up a simple bowl of noodle soup?! The soup smelled of white pepper and lacked any flavor whatsoever. It was a HIGHLY disappointing meal and will never recommend this place to anyone.
- ChinaGrrrl, 01/20/2008

My friend and I had a great (and pretty fast) lunch here en route to Midway Airport. It's a cheerful room with friendly service. We had the house potstickers (OK), Shanghai soup dumplings (tasty) and scallion pancake with pork (more like bacon.) We had mixed reactions to this one: pancakes are fantastic (crispy outside, chewy inside) and bacon is thick sliced and beautifully smoky. However, it's also

Chicago , Ed's Potsticker House

cooked 'medium' rather than browned. This is probably an appealing 'mouth feel' for Chinese tastes but a bit wiggly & strange for Westerners. Still, we each ate one cake with the bacon and enjoyed the rest with the pork removed. Bill came to about $30 with sodas, tax and tip for more food than we could finish. I'll definitely return for the dishes we didn't try but saw on other people's tables.
- stvnptrk66, 01/01/2007

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