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Edwardo's Pizza

1321 E 57th

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Detail for Edwardo's Pizza : Restaurant, Italian

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Edwardo's is known for its award-winning stuffed Chicago-Style pizza.

Menu features deep dish and thin crust pizza, salads, lasagna ($9), spaghettini pesto ($8.49), ravioli toscano ($8.49), and calzones. Featured pizza is Edwardo's special: The people's choice, a combination of lean sausage, fresh green peppers, mushrooms and onions. Lunch time special, on weekdays: personal pizza, soup, and drink for only $8 ... incl tax and tip! - wm, 03/11/2006

I visited the restaurant & was terribly dissapointed in the food & service---the menu promised a side salad with the calzone but it never showed up--the calzone itself had burnt crust & lukewarm ingredients-- I later called the manager & he just wanted to argue instead of making apologies-- I hope the chain starts paying attention to customer feedback & stops promising side-dishes that aren't delivered! I know now why the restaurant was half empty - filippo, 06/12/2008

This was the place where sixteen years ago I was introduced to possibly the best pizza in the world. Our visit on4/1/06 was a bitter disappointment. Tino's microwaveable frozen pizza would have been better than what

Chicago , Edwardo's Pizza

we were served. I had hoped to share this great place and meal with my 11-year-ol daughter, so she too could discover Edwardo's. Instead, the food and the whole experience may have turned her off from pizza forever. Unfortunately, the service matched the poor quality of food. We will never go there again.
- joannalbloom, 04/02/2006

I agree, I've been to Edwardo's in Hyde Park also, and no pizza in NYC comes close. -, 10/05/2001

Edwardo's pizza is the BEST pizza on the planet! I lived in Hyde Park for 4 years & really miss it now that I'm back in NY. When are you going to open a chain here? You'd put Uno's in the dust. Any mail orders a possibility? - R. Kaufman, 04/09/1999

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