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Specializing in rotisserie chicken, choose from quarter, half, or whole-chicken plates. Other main-dish options include spaghetti and burgers, and a Friday fish fry. Sides include mac and cheese, greens, and rice and beans. Desserts include banana pudding, cake, and pies. Open for lunch and dinner. - Alotta, 10/31/2005

you can get Feed's brunch menu to-go, but you just can't get the normal lunch and dinner menu items during brunch hours. And it seems like they're much busier now on weekends than they used to be... I don't think they were open on Sundays at all before starting brunch. The brunch food's really good! - foodiepants, 11/13/2006

I eat at Feed nearly every week, and love the food. I have been waiting since January for them to open for brunch, and have not been disappointed. The challah French toast is delicious; the apple cinnamon pancakes are too much for one person. As for the odd hours, if they close early, it's usually because they've run out of food. - Karen, 11/01/2006

I've been stopping into Feed about every other weekend for take out since they have been

Chicago , Feed

open. I've noticed alot of non traditional business practices, like the Saturday I showed up and there was a sign in the window saying closed due to Flu. I couldn't help wondering if it was the Bird Flu or if the Bird Flew. At least there was a sign that time unlike the other days I went out of my way only to find out they were closed. Hours of operation seem somewhat spuratic but hey I can deal with that. Obviously the food is good thats why I go back but now I don't know that I can overlook their new 'Weekend Brunch'. It's a whole new menu with no take out items. Why would you change your menu on the busiest 2 days of the week? I will not return to Feed until they offer the normal menu 'to go' on weekends. Sometimes just loosing one customer doesn't make a difference but I have a feeling others will follow once they realize they are not getting what they are going for.
- meandmydog, 10/22/2006

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