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Fiorentino's Cucina

2901 N Ashland

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Detail for Fiorentino's Cucina : Restaurant, Italian

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Run by the Sicilian-born Fiorentino family, a friendly familylike atmosphere paves the way to a menu ($14-$25 for entrees) that includes fresh calamari, mussels served with creamy pesto capellini, steak, gnocchi, and signature dishes. Fiorentino's is open for dinner nightly. - Alotta, 10/02/2006

not what we expected after reading all the reviews, the food was 'ok' and similar to (but not good as) La Gondola right across the street in the plaza, as nice as the lady was (owner?) at our table twice, I don't think we'll be back, everything served alla carte, and when we asked for a salad we were charged an additional $4.00, on top of an already expensive dish $16 ? (across the street $12.95) with soup or salad, that combined with 'NO' parking at all, no thanks but hey, good luck. - Nancy S, 11/29/2006

I have never enjoyed an experience at a restaurant as much as I did at this new little place!I loved it from the moment i walked in to the moment I walked out. The owner is on top of her game and is always

Chicago , Fiorentino's Cucina

making sure everything is great.She stops by and chats and makes you feel like an old friend/The menu is so interesting and the food is phenominal.The ambience is cozy and warm and the service is friendly. I can't wait to go back,but this time I will be sure to make a reservation.
- Monica, 11/07/2006

Food was good, but was not on par with prices they charge, nice people and dining room, no parking or liquor license was a hassle, everything ala carte was unexpected as well. - Tyrone B, 08/26/2006

This is the best place to eat Italian in Chicago. The food is fantastic, but the service is why I go back. Frances, the owner, comes by the tables to make sure everything is good. It's also BYOB and very reasonably priced with an ambiance of a small cafe. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! LOVE IT! - Tyrell, 08/08/2006

This place has OK food at best, very expensive alla carte, no parking or pizza, the food was good, just not worth the effort of getting there, parking, and then going to get your own wine (BYOB).

Chicago , Fiorentino's Cucina

- Guaccimo, 07/31/2006

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