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Gene and Georgetti

500 N Franklin
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Detail for Gene and Georgetti : Restaurant, Italian / Steaks

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This Chicago landmark was established in 1941 and features chops, prime-aged steak, chicken Vesuvio, fresh seafood, and Italian specialties. Though service in this family-owned establishment can be brusque, the waitstaff is efficient and know what they're talking about. Open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat. - Alotta, 06/09/2005

Great experience. Not at all like the so-so reviews I had read. As for the beef... I live on a Black Angus cattle farm and would be proud to consistantly produce such a tenderloin. Now that's a filet! Hey folks, it's supposed to be black on the outside! Thanks for a very, very satisfying meal. - Mark C, 06/09/2005

We dine here about once every two weeks. We have had extremely wonderful service and awesome meals. We dine at the same 5 restaurants downtown, because of the spectacular food, and this one tops my list for service. The negative reviews floored me. I have very discriminating taste and I feel the people who left a negative review need to go out a little more often and taste a few more meals before leaving such ludicrous remarks. I

Chicago , Gene and Georgetti

know you will enjoy Gene and Georgetti's for what it is... a very fine dining establishment, for those with great taste, who appreciate superb service. Enjoy!
- Madonna & Beau, 03/18/2003

I ate here last week. Steak was tough and burnt. Garbage salad was OK. Would not go back - Crystal L, 11/24/2002

I was disappointed at the way in which my Filet was cooked. I ordered it medium rare - which is what it was inside - but they burnt the heck out of the outside - totally covered in charcoal. - jeff, 05/14/2002

This place, though old as it is, is highly overrated. Way to packed; couldn't move; service sucked. I won't be back. - anonymous, 04/04/2002

2/14/02 Valentines Day disappointment after a few good experiences here. Both of our filets overcooked and service poor. Won't be back for awhile. - Mike C, 02/15/2002

Your filet is so tender, all you need is a fork. The family style dinning give me a warm and fuzzy feeling - Mert W, 06/09/2005

The greatest food on earth. I miss it so much being stuck at Indiana University. It is the thing I look forward to most when I am coming home. - Aaron W, 06/09/2005

One of the best filets, not just in town, not just in the United States, but one of the best filets ever! - Frederick C, 06/09/2005

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