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George Diamond (closed)

630 S Wabash

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I ate there in 1968. Absolutely the best filet I've ever had. The meal was great! $4.95 Nice clean place. Sorry to hear it has fallen on bad times. - J. Brewer2009, 11/20/2009

My father's name was George Diamond. He had a few pieces from the restaurant such as glasses, cups, and so forth. I have added to this collection through eBay. If anyone has any pieces with the George Diamond name logo on the pieces let me know. - Clay Diamond, 11/12/2008

I had food with my Mom at the restaurant before they closed for renovations. I am baffled about how anyone could have complained about the salad because they had a great salad and the most delicious homemade dressing. I also had a steak that was good. It is sad about the fire because I know the owner had good intentions to renovate the place. - Jim Blaul, 05/27/2007

Wow! This is too bad. I too ate at GD often in the 70s and loved it (visiting from Detroit). When it closed we were sad but when it opened years later we assumed it had been remodeled

Chicago , George Diamond

and made reservations to eat there with in-laws at Christmas time. Well I and my husband thought the steaks and other food were just as good as before, but EVERYBODY else (MIL, FIL, SIL, neices etc. HATED this place! They hated the food and the environment in general. I admit we were stunned to see that same 30 year old red carpet and the same 'big eyed kids velvet paintings' on the walls. I don't know if I can bear to go back. Keep in mind, I once recommended this place to a couple visiting from Boston who declared it better than anything they could find in New York at twice the price! How the mighty have fallen.
- mn, 05/19/2003

Don't believe everything you read. This Steakhouse was closed 18 months ago, approx 11/01. The city tried to obtain the property but was unsuccessful. The owners closed for complete renovations. The upstairs will be apartments and the downstairs will be a steak house and coffee/snack shop with retail. - anonymous, 04/25/2003

It's absolutely the most dirty, disgusting place on earth! You would be safer eating from the bottom of a Portable Toilet on a hot summers day. The current owner has not now, nor has ever had any relation to the Original George Diamond Steak Houses. It was purchased in an auction. And it serves as a tribute to just what a few bucks to a health inspector can get you in Chicago. - anonymous, 04/02/2003

What a shame!We formerly, frequented a George Diamond restaurant in Milwaukee.I thought I had struck 'gold' (in finding this one & could visit with that ol'gang of mine!! I'm SOOOO disappointed!! -, 07/27/2002

It has been three years since I have ate here. I am from Ohio and everytime I visit Chicago I stop here. This place has served the best steaks I have ever ate. The salad was as fresh as picked from the garden. I hope I am not disappointed this time for the negative feed back concerns me. I have eaten here a dozen times and I can not believe they are talking about the same place.It was so good in the past I have got to check it out once again. - Sam Buchanan Columbus,Ohio, 11/12/2000

A place right out of the 50's, the decor hasn't changed in years. Probably the worst meal I've had in Chicago in the 10 yrs. I've lived here. The bread was stale, butter rancid. The lettuce brown, the salad dressing old. Ordered a porterhouse, was served a T-Bone (like leather) the only thing worth eating was the baked potato. I'm truely suprised this restaurant has been open this long - obviously they know someone at city hall. This place should be closed due to health code violations, too numerous to mention! - Jack H. Griffith III, 03/27/2000

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