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Gibson's Steak House

1028 N Rush
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Great steaks including porterhouse New York strip, and the William Rice bone in rib-eye ($32). Recommended: the shrimp cocktail ($12). Optional preparations include black peppercorns, Cajun blackened, and garlic topped. Wiseguy crowd includes aldermen and political columnists. Formal dress recommended. Reservations recommended. Parties of four to six should reserve one of the spacious booths. Open daily for lunch and dinner. - sys, 06/09/2005

Great beef, great martinis, great people-watching. 20- to 48-ounce porterhouse, bone-in sirloins, and rib eye cuts available. Huge desserts and appetizers as well, so show up hungry! Prices range from $31.75 - $63 for entrees. - alotta, 01/09/2000

Gibson's is my favorite Chicago restaurant! The filet with bernaise sauce is exquisite and I love to sit out on the porch and watch the endless stream of tourists and locals walking the streets until the wee hours of the morning. The location is also the very best! - Connie P, 06/09/2005

My friends and I had a most disappointing experience here. Apparently, to squeeze every dime out of this place that they can, the owners jam many more customers into it than it can comfortably

Chicago , Gibson's Steak House

accommodate. My chair was into a very narrow 'aisle' and during the course of my stay I was bumped into by staff and patrons alike everytime someone passed by -- which was often. Moreover, the place is very noisy and it's really hard to have a conversation there. And to top it all off, and perhaps most importantly, the steaks we had - the Chicago cut -- was full of gristle. All in all, a most unpleasant experience at a very high price. We'll not go back.
- Sandye, 04/08/2002

we were just at gibsons in rosemont this evening,the food was good but a piece of advise,when making your reservations make sure you ask to be seated in the dining room. they have a small room on the side and the table by the exit door can get cold!! - maria 11/18/2000, 11/19/2000

Awesome mashed potatoes - Rusty P, 06/09/2005

One of the more memorable food experiences we've EVER had!!! The Rib Eye is highly recommended as are the Big Gulp Martini's. But, the real surprise was the LOBSTER TAIL!!! We had the smaller of the two offered which was

Chicago , Gibson's Steak House

HUGE, PERFECTLY cooked and SUCCULENT!! Our only regret is that there's not a GIBSONS in Los Angeles!!! Do you do mail order Steak & Lobster? Never hurts to ask :-)
- Laura & Bob, Los Angeles, CA, 07/06/2000

The food in unbelievable, one of the top restaurants in Chicago! - Kati, 04/30/2000

Food is very good. The atmosphere is OK. A little too loud and nothing very interesting about the ambience! - PATTI, 03/20/2000

Gibson's Steak House , Chicago

Gibson's Steak House , Chicago

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