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Gino's East

633 N Wells
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Detail for Gino's East : Restaurant, Pizza / Italian

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Sink your teeth into legendary, award-winning deep dish pizza known for its golden-brown crust and chunky tomato sauce. Varieties include the Supreme ($24 for medium) which includes sausage, pepperoni, and onion; also the Bacon Cheeseburger pizza ($20 for medium) which has ground beef, chedder, and bacon. Chicken wings are exceptional - they are served on a bed of fries. We stopped by on a Monday evening - and were surprised to see there was a line to get seated! We were seated after 10 minutes. Note that you cannot wait at the bar to be seated ... you have to wait in line. Former location of Planet Hollywood. Open Mon-Thurs 11 am-10 pm, Fri-Sat 11 am-12 am, Sun 12 pm-10 pm. - Alotta, 07/12/2005

I dragged my boyfriend here because I wanted authentic deep-dish pizza that Chicago is famous for on the recommendation of a friend. All I have to say it this place was very down to earth, reasonably priced, easy to find for out of towners (we're New Yorkers), and sooo yummy. I ate so much I needed

Chicago , Gino's East

tp lie down. It was the bomb and I found out you can actually have their pizza delivered to your house anywhere in the country. There goes my diet!
- Tara R, 07/12/2005

Hate the new building style miss the old HOLE IN THE WALL! - jane, 07/02/2002

I thought the food was great but i didnt like the atmosphere cuz it was kin of dirty! - LoBo, 09/25/2001

Glad they have moved! At least I know they have a fresh start. The prior location was getting gross and disgusting. The markers they sell, do not make a dent on the wall. They should sell paint markers. The pizza is great! Glad there is a location in Rolling Meadows! I work right next door and order all the time! I wish they delivered more than a three mile radius! - Prospect Heights, 09/26/2000

I've been to Gino's East on and off every couple of years for the past 15 years. It's a natural choice of where to go, if you're looking for the best pizza, friendly atmosphere, and a (surprisingly) affordable meal. - Dave, 06/19/2000

We went to Gino's and I must say it was like

Chicago , Gino's East

a bad Saturday Night Live skit. Our waiter was so strange! The food was not that great. We had to laugh, it was just the way our weekend was going!!!
- Kelly M, 07/12/2005

Enjoyed the pizza. The waiters and waitresses showed hospitality by coming back and checking on our tables. - anonymous, 09/20/1998

Gino's East , Chicago

Gino's East , Chicago

Gino's East , Chicago

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