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Goose Island Brewery

1800 N Clybourn
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We stopped by to check out the brewery tour and had a great time. This brewery does smaller batches of beer which is not sold in stores .. there actually is a Pilsner! The tour is short, about 20 min. - wm, 08/27/2010

Hi, we found a variety of your beer in a local discount food store in Everett, Wa. Tried it, love it! We had the Oatmeal Stout (great but we can't find more of it), the Christmas Ale, very good and the Honkers Ale, also very good and a bit like the expensive tap brews here. Very pleased with your product, I sure hope we can keep it in stock out here. Thanks & Happy New Year! - Cheryl in Lk Stevens, Wa. USA, 12/30/2003

I can't wait for that time of the year when Goose Island Brewery come's out with their Anniversary Ale, I am 55 yrs. old and have been a beer drinker for a long time, Anniversary Ale is quite possibly the best tasting brew i have ever had! -, 05/13/2002

The atmosphere is like a nice Bennigans, but the chicken sandwich makes it one

Chicago , Goose Island Brewery

to visit. Drink whatever, but eat the chicken's good.
- Kevin, 02/03/2000

In addition to some of Chicago's best beer, enjoy tasty menu items such as the well-known Goose Island Pub Chips and spicy Buffalo chicken tenders. Entrees ($8-16) included Firecracker Shrimp, Clybourn melt, signature burgers, and salads. Several TVs in the bar area - seating is limited. Staff is very attentive; we had two chairs brought to our table during a busy dinner period. Seasonal handcrafted beers may include IPA, Honkers, Heife Weizen, and APA. Open Mon-Thurs 11am-12am, Fri-Sat 11am-2am, Sun 11am-11pm. - Alotta, 10/04/2003

Truly enjoyed the Honker's Ale and the atmosphere... would like to know if it's possible to order merchandise over the net. Goose Island is a mandatory lunch stop for those in Chicago... Thanks! -, 10/25/1999

The blonde ale beer was great!! Also the food was really good. I loved the atmosphere. We celebrated a birthday with 10 friends, and all of us had a great time. - Michelle Monninger, 10/15/1999

Over the last weekend I tasted your blonde ale; and iv'e got to tell you that it was one of the tastiest beer (ales)

Chicago , Goose Island Brewery

that I have ever experienced!!!!!!! I am not normally a(n) beer couniosoir but this ale I would defently buy again thanks for making a poduct that I could count on and something that is realiable to drink on a warm afternoon, night, or for that matter anytime.
- JLUV155@AOL.COM, 06/22/1999

The Hex nut brown ale is marvelous. It is one of the tastiest brews that I have experienced. Keep up the good work. JonDo - JonDo, 05/27/1999

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