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Gullivers Pizzeria & Restaurant

2727 W Howard

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The last few times we were in the restaurant things seemed different so we asked the waitress and she told us the old owner Jerry had died and his widow sold the place to new owners. The new owners must have changed the recipe because we have been ordering pizza from gullivers for the past 25 years... I grew up in Rogers Park.... and the pizza was never like this. We ordered thick crust pizza from Gullivers last night (Saturday, October 11, 2008). When we opened the box their was a runny liguid all over the top....usually they use a thick chopped tomato sauce... this was runny. The sausage slid off the has never done that in the past. My wife and I each ate one piece each and knew something was wrong. We called Gullivers and a very rude manager argued with me and said the best he could do was offer us a $10 credit towards our next order. The order total was just under $30... not a very good thing to make an unhappy customer happy. - Howie, 10/13/2008

This IS Chicago Pizza! New York has no clue, this is the real deal! I grew up in Chicago and this was the benchmark for all others...still is! You must try this pizza, it is incredible! - J.T., 04/23/2007

I'm from a suburb of Philadelphia and make Gullivers my first stop, and go there more than once, every time I'm in Chicago. The food, ambience, presentation, attention to detail and service is always top notch. The ambience cannot be described accurately in words. It is better than going to the most renowned Antique Show or early 20th Century museum. By far, the most unique and special restaurant! - Tatie, 04/19/2007

Gulliver's has always been our favorite for the past 40 years. We take out of town guests there just for the decor. Since our beloved owner and host Jerry has passed away, will Gullivers remain open and continue serving its wonderful food? - jcat, 11/26/2006

Simply awsome pizza!!! My parents use to take me there as a kid and now I take my kids here. - c. visconti, 09/05/2006

We have been going to Gulliver's Pizza for the past 24 years. We moved to Florida from Chicago about 1.5 years ago. Florida does not have very good pizza. We come home to Chicago about 2-3 times per year, and no matter what we are doing, we always come to Gulliver's. They have the best pan pizza I have ever tasted, and I have tasted pizza from 80% of the restaurants in Chicago. Keep up the good work. In fact I will be there next week to enjoy - Lisa, 05/21/2005

I used to deliver for Jerry(Gullivers owner)back in the early '80's. I use to go there before I worked there. He has great employees and best of all,great food. All kinds, Italian, American, Mexican, and the best Pan Pizza I've ever. I still go there at least once a month.My daughter who is nine, love their food too.My wife loves it just as much as I do. I work about a mile from there and whenever we have a lunch or a certain occasion, we'll usually order from there. Try the thin pan pizza. It's between thin and pan. Perfect - Sergio, 07/28/2003

Hands down, the best pizza in Chicago. I don't live in the area anymore, but whenever we get even close to Chicago we have to fit in Gullivers. - Lynn, 07/17/2002

I have been going there for 30 years. The best pan pizza in the world plus everything I have ever had there was great!! - Dan B, 01/04/2002

Not only is the pizza good and the service great, but the pasta is excellent...i recommend the tortellini primavera, been boing there since 1985. - Kaystile, 06/21/2001

Absolutely the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. Plus antique heaven. Been going there since 1971 - Ilona, 02/11/2001

Gullivers is the best pizza in the world, we grew up with it. - pizza lover, 01/28/2001

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