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Half Shell

676 W Diversey

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Detail for Half Shell : Restaurant, Seafood

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Decor: basement dive. Bargain crab legs & good shellfish. - sys, 12/26/1999

we love this place we're going there friday for my birthday it's the only place I go for my day,Alex is the best worker there and he always remembers you weather it's been a week or a year. keep up the great work, see you friday - kim & mike, 02/22/2007


Best crab legs in the city! I was just at Joes crab shack two weeks ago, I got the king crab for $52.00. I had some better at the Half Shell for $24.00. I recommend it to anyone. - Joe P., 12/16/2005

great place ! Its small and dark, and you have to know where it is, mdow in the basemebt, lower level- but word of mouth was great for us ! Excellent oysters on half shell etc. ! and the guy who runs it, runs around and does everything with a smile ! Thanks we will be back !!!!!! - sandy k, 06/07/2005

Incredible food and excellent service! - LAZZ, 11/13/2001

Without doubt the best food in Chicago.

Chicago , Half Shell

An unforgetable experience.
- Charlie M Ireland, 06/07/2005

This restaurant, located below street level, has a homey diner feel to it. This cash-only establishment serves up delicious crab legs, as well as good shrimp. Fried fish items, served with fries, is served in ample portions. Open daily for lunch and dinner. - Alotta, 06/07/2005

i ate here once so many years ago that i don't even remember what i had. i know there are frog legs on the menu. i'm sure i liked the place. i thought it was funny that the bathroom had a full bathtub in it with old flower decals stuck to it, like an apartment bathroom. i think the bartender was really nice too. quaint. like outdoor patio out front too. - jms, 07/02/2011

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the half food there is in chicago at a cheap price and is always worth the wait. - anonymous, 08/22/2008

Best crab deal in the city, bar none. - Patrick, 05/15/2007

this place rocks - it has the best food - crab legs are incredible. - kathy jo, morton grove, il, 04/12/2007

Half Shell , Chicago

Half Shell , Chicago

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