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741 W Randolph
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Opened in December, 2010; former location of Bar Louie and Blue Oyster. - wm, 01/05/2011

We stopped by on Saturday, and found the place surprisingly not crowded. Super selection of tap beers, the in-house brewery should be listing their creations on the menu soon!

We sampled the fish fry, burger, and BBQ spaghetti squash. The burger was excellent - the other dishes were lackluster .. we hope to stop by again and see if the chef has tweaked the menu a bit. - wm, 01/05/2011

We sampled the pizza with a side of slaw. Try this: put the slaw on the pizza .. it's really good! - wm, 02/20/2011

The brewery is now open! Featured brews include Midnight Porter, Speakerswagon Pilsner, Ombibulous Double IPA, and Baubien Saison Farmhouse. Average price is $6.50 per pint. Our favorite guest beer: Metropolitan Krankshaft. - wm, 02/20/2011

my friends and i were going ot meet up to celebrate a birthday and some nearby shi-shi place that had just opened but they had a line out the door and it was a cold end of winter night (feb 11 maybe) so we all

Chicago , Haymarket

took refuge at the just opened haymarket and stayed all night. turns out one of the owners is an old friend of mine from undergrad. they place was very crowded (lots of men, so again ladies if you're always complaining you can't find a man, go to haymarket!) great beers. didn't eat anything. good interior build out. i'm sorry to say anything negative about my old friend's bar but i hate the logo. it reminds me of a hanuted house or early 90s type of thing and there's like 3 different things going on with the logo and i don't like them all together. too bad they already printed up all those t-shirts and stuff or i'd redo it for them. anywho, they have a great location and the place is always jumping. i'm surprised bar louie and that crab place never did as well. this is definitely the right business for this corner and i'm glad it's doing well. i stopped in more recently (maybe may 11) for a drink. the place was still jumping on a weekenight

Chicago , Haymarket

and my college friend was nowhere to be seen. apparantly it's doing so well he can hire minions to run the bar while he goes back to his regularly scheduled life. i'm glad it's doing so well.
- jms, 07/02/2011

Haymarket , Chicago

Haymarket , Chicago

Haymarket , Chicago

Haymarket , Chicago

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