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Heartwise Express (closed)

10 S LaSalle

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Detail for Heartwise Express (closed) : Restaurant, Vegetarian

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Excellent selection of healthy entrees. Try the Sante Fe burrito (1 gm of fat) or the mushroom veggie burger (8 gms of fat). Smoothie shakes also (0 gms of fat) ! - sys, 12/26/1999

great place. the potato onion flatbread and the sloppy joe can't be beat. - steve, 11/28/2001

Great place but your hours are TOO short. I live downtown but work on the west side and would love to be able to eat at Heartwise after work or on weekends, but your hours are incredibly limited. - Nancy Dearhammer, 09/05/2001

Great food! Love that I don't have to give up taste for healthy, low-fat, fast meal. Can't beat the Chili Crusted Chicken Bowl anywhere. - Sue, 06/14/2001

I eat at Heartwise almost everyday and find the food to be a great and a refreshing alternative to what's available from the other fast food places in town. The staff there is always helpful and are alot more intelligent than what you usually find around town. I highly recommend Heartwise to anyone looking for an alternative. Thanks. - George Aviles, 06/06/2001

today i had my second order screwed up. Thats not the point though. When i go back, i don't place blame, i just say it's wrong. this second time, again, the female cashier,(woman last time too) seems to want to state that it was my doing. Even if this was correct, isn't the customer always right? They used to be. I'm a vegetarian, so i like the menu,i'm kinda stuck,i can't go to a lot of places. I don't go to the last cashier, now i'm less one more. I got a cookie this time. Last time, the male standing on the side said,' just give him the (other thing) I wanted to say, 'the cashiers should be trained to know that THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! am i wrong ? The first time, the cashier started to tell me what i had said for my order. I wanted to ask, 'so how long should we be arguing about what you think i said' but i din't like i say,i didn't make a big deal, i just wanted my correct order. I understand the cashier could feel defensive, but i don't think it helps to argue about who is right, as i said , the customer used to be. i'M RUNNING OUT OF CASHIERS TO GO TO. THE FOOD IS GREAT BY THE WAY. I NEVER MAKE A FUSS BECAUSE I DON'T WANT SPIT IN MY FOOD. I'M SORRY,FOR THE PROBLEMS. B.B. PO 06012,CHGO IL 60606 - bill, 04/25/2001

Great sandwiches, great sides, great breakfasts, all healthy. Sloppy Joe is highly recommended. Probably not the place to go if you want something medium-rare (duh). Tends to be quite crowded in the noon hour. - TWM, 05/31/2000

I'm usually a steak kind of girl but the fake burger is actually pretty good and I didn't get heartburn from the fillers some products use. I agree the burrito is great especially with the prepackaged hot sauce pack. Very flavorful. Our office is also hooked on their cinnamon rolls and 'Seattle Coffee'. Great place especially if you like to try healthier food. Sweep potatoe fries are yucky if you are in the mood for a real order of fries but sweet potatoes are better nutritionally :-) - Roberta, 09/30/1998

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