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Hi Ricky (closed)

3730 N Southport
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Detail for Hi Ricky (closed) : Restaurant, Asian / Noodles

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Asian noodle shop and satay bar; dishes include Malaysian Chicken Satay, Pad Thai, Pad Siew, Singapore Noodles, Pat Pong Beef Noodles, Bamee Wonton, and Garlic Shrimp. - sys, 12/26/1999

Enjoy southeastern Asian cuisine from Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and China in this popular spot. Appetizers include several satay options, available in large or small portions; pot stickers, dumplings, egg rolls, and spring rolls. Entrees include stir fry dishes, noodles from the wok, rice dishes, tossed noodles, and curry dishes. Wine and cocktail list available, kid's menu available. - Alotta, 10/08/2003

This was the noodle shop that opened on Southport when we were living there 10 yrs ago. It was actually in a scene in that movie High Fidelity (2000) with John Cusack where he had lunch with Lili Taylor. - anonymous, 02/07/2008

I went here a few years ago, after a movie at the Music Box. The menu was quite extensive and the waitress insisted that I order as soon as she handed me the menu. It wasn't like the place was crowded or anything (only about 1/3 full). I said I needed a minute to

Chicago , Hi Ricky

decide (as I was unfamiliar with their menu) and she got all huffy and stomped off to the kitchen. A couple minutes later I was decided but she was nowhere in sight. I finally gave my order to a passing waiter then waited about 20 minutes or so for my food. The original waitress brought it but forgot to give me any eating utensils whatsoever (fork, chopsticks, anything) and rushed off before I noticed... all subsequent attempts to get her attention or any other staff's attention were futile. In the end I had to go upfront and complain to the manager and then (and only then) did the original waitress come back to the table and let me know how uncivilized that was of me. I got 50% off on my meal as a result of their neglect (I left her a tip anyways) and never came back. Hope they've changed waitstaff since then.
- Rick Vaughn, 06/22/2003

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