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House of Hookah

607 W Belmont Ave.
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Awesome Sandwiches, Coffee, Tea, and Hookah flavors. Really comfortable seating. Very reasonable prices. - Jim T, 06/21/2006

I don't really know where to begin in describing this horrible establishment. It definitely caters to the youngsters and they would obviously like their money over anyone else's any day of the week. I definitely didn't appreciate the 40 minute wait and then have a bunch of high schoolers take a seat before my group did. Needless to say, if you are not old enough to drink but enjoy pissing other people off with juvenile antics, then this is your place to be. Otherwise you're better off going to a real hookah spot like Sigara or Simah. On the plus side: I did enjoy telling the manager that not carding kids that drink liquor is irresponsible. I hope the cops actually raided that place after I left. - Interficiovos, 11/16/2008

This is a great place but it doesn't card-I got in last summer when I was only 17. Nobody ever even asked me for an ID. Not a good thing :/ - anonymous, 03/13/2008

Very kool place...I love how they never let under-agers in. Very good quality hookah for a reasonable price... the hookahs and pipes they have are the cheapest i found, and their service is very friendly. Sometimes they force a time limit, but it is only because they are a good place and are busy. I am going back for sure ! ;) - Miky, 03/28/2007

I will never spend another dime at this place. A few weekends ago I was out alone and dropped by here. Just slightly over an hour I was approached by one of the servers and told that they needed to enforce a 70-minute time limit on weekends. Ordinarily, this would've been fine, however, there were people smoking when I arrived that were still sitting there when I left. I highly doubt there was any kind of time limit - I was asked to leave because I was there alone. - Suzanne, 09/09/2006

Wow! This place is so cool! Their quality of hookah is definetely the best. Really cheap prices too. My friends and I sat there for a couple of hours, saved money by bringing our own drinks, smoked a couple of hookahs and paid about $8 each. Can't beat it! Really comfortable place to be. Great friendly service too. - Jessie, 08/22/2006

I've been to every hookah/ shesha place in Chicago, but this was definetelly the best and the most comfortable. They have over 60 flavors to smoke and really good deals on the hookahs for sale. They also have a good collection of tobacco pipes for sale. Definetelly the cheapest tobacco pipes in Chicago. Awesome service! - Ron, 07/05/2006

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