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Detail for Japonais : Restaurant, Japanese / European

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This French-Japanese restaurant, a brainchild of the owners of Mirai Siushi, Ohba, and Le Colonial, features a great blend of their respective specialties. Smoked duck salad features 7 spices, and is tossed with mizuna, frisee, and watercress in a light honey-citrus dressing. Thinner-than-paper beef carpaccio is topped with daikon greens, fried garlic, and soy-ginger sauce. Maple-leaf-smoked duck served moo shu style is accompanied by hoisin sauce, pancakes, shallots, and mango chutney. Dishes are attractively presented on unique dishes of unusual shapes. Open daily for lunch and dinner. - Alotta, 02/24/2004

We enjoyed the service, ambiance, and cuisine at Japonais. Sharing is encouraged: typically a table will order a few appetizers, sushi, and entrees. During out visit entrees included prime rib, surf and turf, and salmon with potato salad. Specialty drinks include the Startini, Gin Fizz, Sidecar, and Mojito. Hip lounge downstairs is a great place to grab a drink before dinner. Outdoor seating available. Located in the old Montgomery Ward catalog center. - wm, 08/29/2004

While the food is good [albeit pricey], the staff in particular the manager and bouncers are thugs who

Chicago , Japonais

treat restaurant patrons very shabbily. Getting local reputation for padding the checks so beware the already sky high tabs.
- Kevin, 11/20/2007

When thinking about where to take my friend from Miami, Japonais came to mind. The reputation and the experience were two very different things. We were treated like two kids emptying out our piggy banks. When I asked our waiter a question about the menu, he said it was "normal sushi." Can't they at least coat the description with fancy words if they're going to snow you on price? The waiter pulled a Houdini, never to be seen again. We got an arm workout trying to flag down ANYONE to order more bar drinks and food, with staff breezing past us at every turn. When it finally came time for dessert, we simply gave up and went elsewhere. It was surprisingly easy to get the check though. The icing on the cake was when our waiter briskly walked back to loudly announce, We dont take Discover. Would you like Visa, MasterCard or Amex, you ninny? I will never go back.

Chicago , Japonais

And I'm spreading the word don't waste your money on their self-proclaimed "normal sushi."
- tigerbite, 10/29/2007

I couldn't be more displeased with a restaurant. I found the atmosphere to be overwhelmingly snooty and the prices to be ridicuously high. If you don't care for sushi, this isn't the place for you (very few non-sushi items to pick from). - Nicole Yaniz, 03/07/2005

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