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Joe's Crab Shack (closed)

745 N Wells

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Detail for Joe's Crab Shack (closed) : Restaurant, Seafood

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Open Mon - Thurs 11:30 am - 10 pm, Fri - Sat 11:30 am - 11 pm, Sun 1 pm - 10 pm. Reservations accepted; valet parking available. The fun setting of this restaurant underscores speedy service and delicious food. Yummy appetizers, seafood combos, thick gumbos, chicken, pasta, salads, steaks, and of course, plenty of crab dishes available! - sys, 10/18/2002

We love joe's - any more places in the suburbs in illinois - jeannie, 03/14/2003

When they have Snow and Dungeness Crab for only 9.99, you can't go wrong. Sitting in the bar area is the best plan, and they have a great selection of exotic mixed drinks. - Antonio Yaniz, 01/26/2003

To whom it may concern: I was really disappointed with the sevice we had last night(feb. 7,2001).We were a party of four, i cannot remember the name of the server but the only thing i can remember is that he was with a lady which im guessing is a trainee.Anyway, i was the one who had the birthday, and one of my friends told the server about it, then he said, he's gonna try

Chicago , Joe's Crab Shack

to do something about it. I dont really care about the birthday song, a free muffin with a candle on it, but the only thing that bothered me is that he never did anything about it...and at first i told my friend that maybe you dont do special stuffs like the restaurants do; so we just let it go. But the sad thing about it is that on our way out, there were a group of 4 servers, (maybe 3)that started singing happy birthday to a person on another table. I felt so little because i was the one who recommended the place to my friends because i was thinking that you have a very nice service with regards to the very high commendation you get from people that has been in your restaurant. To tell you honestly, i like your food, but the servers are not so friendly at all. Maybe if we were not Asians we could have had the same good service other people had. This is not the first time at all. I was in

Chicago , Joe's Crab Shack

your place sometime in December...just like other customers, i and my friends were waiting to be seated. The person at the reception area never even took time to ask our name,which he did to the other peolple that was there before us. It would not have mattered at all if he didnt ask the people that came after us, but he actually did. After 30 min of waiting to be asked how many is in our group, we gave up because it seems like the receptionist didnt even see us. So, i dont know what is there with the other race that we, asians cant have. The servers dont probably know they're doing it, but they are doing it. I can see just by the way they would treat other people which are not Asians. I hope you do something about these because we can afford to pay for your food and your service too.
- maribel, 02/08/2001

It's a fun relaxing place to kick back and enjoy a little crab. - alexandra, 06/23/2000

Rio, the general manager was very courteous and professional. We had a tremendous experience ! - SStover, 09/30/1998

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