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John's Pizza & Lounge

2104 N Western

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Gourmet pizza varieties include BBQ beef, BLT, veggie, roman, taco, and sicilian. Pastas, surf and turf, ribs, seafood, sandwiches, and more ! Open until 1am Fri/Sat. - sys, 12/26/1999

John's Pizza,, is the only pizza i order for family and friends. simply the best!! i'm about to order one now, for this evening. - Phil Pedrosa, 05/10/2011

Do they serve square slices?? - Thomas G, 03/21/2010

"Best pizza ever",has not changed since the 1050's, I went there when they were making pizza's in the front window,untill they expanded to the new section ,which has not changed in the last 35-40 years.I allways wonder why they never expanded to the burbs - Casey, 10/22/2008

Best Pizza In chicago My grand dad took me there when i was a kid and I'll do the same to my grand kid -, 08/23/2008

Best damm pizza in chicago! - don laforce, 02/11/2008

I used to work there in '89 - '90 delivering pizzas. I havent been back to Chicago since then. I am planning a trip there in a few days and this is for sure on my list to visit. They had the best Pizzas there. Eldon - EldonH, 12/11/2007

Pizza is fantastic,

Chicago , John's Pizza and Lounge

delivery is quick, but just had a rude obnoxious driver tonight with a minor mistake on order. Told me RC had no sugar and it was better for someone who has blood sugar problems than regular diet. Crazy or just a liar you decide
- rdesmond, 05/23/2007

Wow! I just baked my John's cheese pizza (frozen, sealed and flown here to me in Seattle). It smells just like I remember it when I was a little girl(60's)and my Dad would take my brother & I there once in awhile for pizza. My brother & his wife just brought it back from their trip to Chicago while on a visit to all our old haunts. Thanks for being there for all of us to remember our favorite childhood memories... - Cathy, 03/24/2007

I currently live in Texas. I grew up in Chicago (dob 1955) and Johnnie's Pizza was the best! Every Friday night we had to have it. From what I see on the reviews it obviously hasn't changed and THAT'S A GOOD THING! Thanks for staying the best! - DM Davis, 11/25/2006

Absoulutly THE best of the best pizzas hands down no other pizza joint cant top it!!! My grandparents, parent and I have enjoyed John's for years I moved to Florida but everytime I go to visit the first stop is John's. Where I order a large sausage with onions and green peppers with a few beers!! What a way to start a vacation!! - Diana M, 11/22/2006

My experience with John's goes back to the 60's when I lived on Claremont street as a child. I continued to enjoy their pizza's through young adulthood. We enjoyed the pizza shaped like a football. Best pizza on the planet. I recently went back and realized what I was missing. The decor isn't fancy, but the pizza and the memories are worth an occasional trip back into town from the suburbs. Great neighborhood place! - John S, 08/02/2006

I have been eating Johnny's Pizza (Known to me as Johnny's Pizza...which it was called before changing its name to John's years ago.) all my life. In grandpa and dad ate Johnny's pizza when my dad was a kid too. I have so many memories of this place! I can remember my dad telling me when his dad got a good paying job in the trucking business...they celebrated by ordering two (2) pizza's. Its the little things in life that count!! My dad took me there as a kid...we would eat the FOOTBALL size pizza in the car...keeping the pizza on the dashboard. Now that I have my own family...we still travel there from Roselle to eat there. In fact, for my birthday and special events we always pick Johnny's to eat with my parents, wife and little boy. I have since moved to Las parents still live in Roselle but frequent Johnny's at least twice a month. If its one thing that I miss about Chicago (food wise) it is definatly Johnny's Pizza!! Thanks for being a part of my childhood, for being a part of my dad's childhood too. I wish I could order it and have it shipped to me frozen!! Bob - Las Vegas, Nevada Football Sausage thin crust & a pitcher of Pepsi! What a great combo. And you cant forget the dinner of Mosticholli with Ministronie soup for my Mom! - BobbyBellagio, 06/22/2004

They used to deliver pizzas to our house weekly. This is one of the best tasting pizzas in the city. I no longer live in Illinois, but when I married, one of the first places I took my wife to on a visit to Chicago was John's. It is not a fancy place and gets hectic with the huge number of deliveries going out, but you can't beat the food there and the prices are very reasonable. - Mike W, 03/18/2004

My mom would always get a John's pizza delivered to our house on Schubert in the early 70's, and it was always hot, cheesey, and loaded with great stuff like bacon and italian sausage. Thanks for the memories, John's, and I look forward to stopping at your place when I come to visit from Colorado next month! JIm Hoyne - Jim Hoyne, 08/20/2003

I drive all the way from Huntley, IL (45 miles) to go to John's Pizzeria and have been going there since I was a baby! EXCELLENT PIZZA! - Mike K., 01/03/2002

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