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Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

2534 N Lincoln
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Detail for Kyoto Japanese Restaurant : Restaurant, Japanese

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Regional menu include sushi, sashimi, noodle dishes, tempura, and teriyaki.

Recently renovated, the new owners have fully reinvented the vision for this Japanese eatery. Currently the policy is BYOB .. liquor license will be pending for a few months. - sys, 06/23/2008

I went in there for the first time since the old owners closed down about 6 months ago this past Monday (4/6/08). The place looks very nice. Tables, chairs, bar counters, everything looks new. The setting is very comfortable. The music level was perfect as it allowed for background noise and at the same time, I was able to talk to my husband without having to shout. Service was attentive, yet not intruding. Food was prompt, fresh, beautiful and delicious. Menu was a bit limited but I was told that their menu is a work in progress and that if I wanted anything else, they will prepare it for me. I loved that. Overall, I had a wonderful experience. I would highly reccommend Kyoto. I will definitely be back for some more spider rolls!!! - Laura L., 04/10/2008

My boyfriend and

Chicago , Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

I just went to Kyoto Sushi Restaurant this Sunday night (4/6/08) and the food was great, their sushi was so fresh and so delicious. Besides our favaorite - Dragon Roll and spicy tuna maki we tried Fiesta Maki and it was wonderful. Salmon, Hamachi, and white Tuna nigiris were to died for :-) The Ahi Tuna Pizza was very yummy, this was the first time I have ever tried sushi pizza and I was very impressed. The interior decoration is very pretty and relaxing and the back parking was a big plus. The services were very attentive and very friendly. Kyoto becomes our favorite sushi restaurant and we definitely will go back again and again. Oh!! they're BYOB.
- Wannee Kertbundit, 04/07/2008

I normally don't post reviews but I felt this place definitely deserved a plug from me. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a sushi expert. However, I've had my fair share. The interior of the restaurant was very nice and relaxing. My wife and I were greeted immediately and we found a nice booth to sit down and

Chicago , Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

take in the atmosphere. This place is definitely nice and very clean. We ordered a couple of items just to try to see if we would like it. The place only had a couple of other tables when we were there so we were kind of skeptical. When our rolls came, we were delighted at how fresh and tasty they were. We decided to order a few other items and were very pleased with them. I wondered why this place wasn't that busy. Later, our greeter (Michelle) came by to ask how everything was and after talking with her, we found out the place had only been reopened for a couple of weeks. This place is definitely a gem. I also found out that they had a customer parking lot behind the restaurant. I can't say enough good things about this place. Food, atmosphere, people, everything was wonderful. So here I am posting a plug for this place. If you haven't stopped by yet, Give them a shot. You won't be disappointed. -Paul Kyoto Sushi Restaurant 2534 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, Il.
- Paul K., 04/22/2008

I went recently to the newly

Chicago , Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

reopened Kyoto Restaurant in Lincoln. They've done a remarkable job redecorating the place. The staff is new and the food is great! The place is comfortable, food quality and taste is spectacular. I would definitely go back. They also have parking in the back of the restaurant!
- Kenneth, 03/31/2008

We love this place. Friendly owners along with their children make this a wonderful place to eat. - Tony, 04/25/2007

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