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La Bocca Della Verita

4618 N Lincoln
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Detail for La Bocca Della Verita : Restaurant, Italian

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Open for lunch Tues - Sat; dinner served Tues - Sun; closed Mondays. Enjoy consistently delicious food in this neighborhood restaurant that continues to be a bastion amidst an ever-changing trendy neighborhood. Appetizer suggestions include the vegetable antipasto, or choose from several unique salads such as raw sliced fennel served with dry-cured olives. Outstanding pasta dishes abound; the duck-stuffed half-moon ravioli doused in smooth tomato-cream sauce is sure to please. Other dishes include two veal entrees, chicken marsala with either scallions or mushrooms, and whole Dover sole served with Belgian endive and a distinctive white wine sauce. Desserts to try include kiku which is berries and cinnamon apples served in warm custard, or a smooth espresso ice-cream parfait. - sys, 08/22/2002

A down-to-earth, welcoming decor of unmatching chairs and bright lights paves the way for outstanding, inexpensive Italian food that the regulars have grown to love. Recommended: ravioli stuffed with duck in a creamy tomato sauce, and the daily special. Open for dinner Mon-Sat 5 pm-11 pm, Sun 4 pm-10 pm. - Alotta, 06/21/2005

A great place to go for a very early

Chicago , La Bocca Della Verita

or very late meal. That's when the ambience is true Roman Italian. The staff is knowledgeable but they don't hover- and they don't apologize for the fact that made to order meals take time. Take your time there, order a bottle of wine, and eat like an Italian. Course after course, you'll find a wide variety of fresh and seasonal choices. Don't skip dessert - especially the home made gelato!
- ILOVEFOOD, 06/14/2002

Have eaten here three or four times. A mixed review. Last time I went, it was very crowded, and the kitchen and waitstaff were obviously having a hard time keeping up. A waiter near us snapped at several customers about their complaints. Another time I was there with kids, the waiter was disdainful toward us about having children; a pompous jerk. One other time was better, less crowded, with adult friends; saw Studs Terkel at the next table, wearing his trademark red checked shirt. I like the Duck Ravioli, the antipasto (spelling?), salads are good, ambiance is nice, with fresh flowers. The latest Chicago magazine review said the service

Chicago , La Bocca Della Verita

was 'haphazard' as I remember, with which I would agree. Great potential, and others whom I know have gone there had better reviews and liked it a great deal. Definitely worth trying on a weeknight, or early on a weekend. Creative cooking, but falters under pressure.
- ejvphd, 06/21/2005

What a simple pleasure it is to live right down the street from La Bocca. The staff is so nice and they know all about the menu---the service is excellent. The food is well executed and fresh. And the price is affordable, too, considering the quality of the food. Mmmmm....getting hungry just thinking about it. - Soupy, 12/21/1998

La Bocca Della Verita , Chicago

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