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La Bruquena

2726 W Division

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Detail for La Bruquena : Restaurant, Puerto Rican

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A dim atmosphere, a few tables, and a blaring TV set the mood for a menu of traditional Puerto Rican cuisine. Selections include mofongo, jibaritos, and fish and shrimp dishes, served in large portions and very lightly seasoned. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. - Alotta, 09/02/2003

This is one of the worst places to eat Puerto Rican food. The waitress ignore you, the food is serve late, the owners seem not to care. What you see is a whole bunch of drunken old men all the time hanging around. Do yourself a favor and save your money and try another restaurant. - Cuisine, 08/02/2011

I have been a customer for the last 10 years, they just remodel and looks great. The food is the real thing from the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. Love the yellow rice, the mofongo and the coconut pie. Fancy tropical Martinis and the best Pina Coladas. Love the place, love the people & the tostones too. - juan lopez, 07/06/2003

I was just there this weekend(La Bruquena), my wife really loved the alcapurrias and rice and beans, we had a

Chicago , La Bruquena

nice time, they even had a guy singing songs with a guitar.The lechon and arroz con gandules was very good. I recommend La Bruquena to anyone that wants good Rican food. 04/01/2003
- C.Hernandez, 04/01/2003

Great place to taste Puerto Rican food. The menu is excellent. I recommend the Mofongo con carne frita. I visit every time I'm in Chicago. - Francisco, 05/28/2002

I have eaten at this restaurant three times. A chef recommended the dessert, tembleque. On my first visit, they were sold out, but on my next visit, it was truly superb. My chef friend said this restaurant was written up in a 'Cheap Eats' column and he and his wife had been very pleased with their menu choices. Even though I do not speak any Spanish, the hostess and waitress made excellent recommendations for me and I was not disappointed at all. I've also taken Spanish-speaking friends with me and they love everything about this restaurant. I'm always looking for a crowd to help me gauge whether a place is worth eating in. I was not disappointed here, La Bruquena is apparently

Chicago , La Bruquena

well-known within the neighborhood and by every age group. The seafood is my favorite but each dish is seasoned perfectly. I'm inviting 15 friends to join me there for the experience. Yes, they have a separate room for small parties, too!!
- LaSchelle Robinson, 03/29/2001

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