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La Finca Restaurant

3361 N Elston

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My friends and I have been going here for years. It is one of our favorites and always a great choice and a sure thing. The staff is friendly and welcoming and the food is wonderful, fresh and dependable. The prices are very reasonable and you get a lot for the money. Don't miss this hidden treasure. - Amiga, 12/07/2007

One of the most coziest restaurants in the city. Family owned and run since early nineties. Very friendly service, at times youe see the whole family together having a good time and inviting you in on the fun. The food is delightful. Margaritas hit the spot. Specials on drinks Mon. Tues. Wed. and patio now open for summer. Excellent lunch specials. Available for catering and private parties. Plenty of parking. Located about a mile west of Wrigley Field, right off the Kennedy xprsswy. Only day closed is Sundays but available for private functions. MUST VISIT. - Charles, 05/19/2004

Consistently good food. Quick service for a business lunch. Friendly waitstaff. And, a tasty Marguerita for after work. - Fran, 04/14/2004

IMHO the best mole in Chicago.They also have an outstanding shrimp cocktail and great camarones veracruzana (?sp?). Vegetarian friendly also. Killer margaritas too. I'm addicted. - Vida J, 09/14/2005

Service is hit or miss. BUt the food is good. Shrimp Cocktail is fantastic. Traditional food is NOT greasy or fatty. During the winter the Pazzole (not sure about spelling, its a stew) is the best in the city. For the price you can't beat it. I have been to over a hundred mexican rest. I know what I'm talking about. Great chips and salso too. Owners are very nice people. - larry, 07/08/2003

Wonderful food, friendly service --the seafood dishes are truly delightful! - Isabella B, 09/14/2005

I hated the food very much. It was very watery and not to mention the service was horrible..... Not suggested to go there!!! - Maria V., 03/02/2003

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