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La Patisserie P

1052 W Argyle

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Detail for La Patisserie P : Restaurant, Asian

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This pan-Asian bakery features soft stuffed buns with a choice of ground pork and veggies, Chinese sausage, BBQ pork, or sweet bean paste. Check out the 'snowball,' which is coconut- and peanut-filed rice dough rolled in coconut flakes. American sweets are also available. Open daily 8 am-5 pm or so. - Alotta, 02/26/2004

Formerly New Hong King Bakery, Chef Peter Yuen offers Asian-European fusions of pastries and baked goods. Open daily 8 am-7 pm. - Alotta, 02/18/2005

I'm not much of a baker, but I must say, La Patisserie P can have some very very good stuff too. Yes, their inconsistency can be alarming at times, but Chef Yuen must be working hard to correct that! Finding good staff to work in front of the house and back in the kitchen can be tough. Well, I know for a fact that Chef Yuen just won the top honor to be on the USA Baking Team. In the category of breakfast pastry, I think that includes croissant making. If his stuffs are minus five at best, I can't imagine what kind of baking we have in this country. - Badbaker, 05/29/2007

It has a nice name and a decent environment. A decent review is posted in a window and some sort of award certificate on the wall leading you to believe it will be like going to Pari. I have tried the place twice with the same extremely disappointing results. First, the staff is not friendly or helpful. [perhaps it is cultural, but I doubt it since I have some Vietnamese friends who are in businesses that serve the public and are most caring.] The presentation of the pastries looks fantastic, but they are not tasty. I have made croissants and multi-layer cakes. Mine turn out just like Pari, not like these flat drab tasteless pastries which I discarded. Nothing like throwing $$$ in the garbage! The croissants are terrible! They are small, consistently baked too long and are crusty and dark brown. They are dry and taste miserable. It is a horrid experience to eat this abomination. If you choose to bake and sell croissants you open yourself to a high standard of comparison. "La Patisserie" rates a minus five or lower. They shouldn't even offer them much less foist them on the public. Ah, if only the original Patisserie located on Diversey at Pinegrove, back in the 60ís, was still around. I still can remember the flaky buttery texture and heavenly delicate taste. These are a bitter insult to the art of the croissant. If you are enticed to enter this place, merely look around, do not purchase anything, and continue your search elsewhere. - Steve Wall, 03/26/2007

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