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La Villa Restaurant

3638 N Pulaski

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Detail for La Villa Restaurant : Restaurant, Italian

RatingRatingRating     Rating: 3 planets.
      Excellent service and an extensive Italian menu. During dinner we were overwhelmed by the number of dishes that came our way .. but it was very tasty and a very nice time. There is a parking lot next to the restaurant or you can park on Polasky they are typically many spaces .. Plan on bringing home lots of leftovers !!
           - Johnny S .. Sep 28, 2016 00:32:05

Homemade Italian and American cusine; banquet seating for 250. Open Mon-Thurs 3pm-12am; Sat noon-2am; Sun 11am-11:30pm. - wm, 06/08/2003

LaVilla gives you a great value for you money. Whenever we go we take home a doggie bag. The food is simply delicious. Service is wonderful. You can expect to see either Sam or Chris stopping by your table to say hi and see how everything is going. Jose (AKA Hose B)is a great bartender. Quick and efficient. Makes a mean Grasshopper. - Chuck & Linda, 01/01/2007

WE HAD THE GOOD FORTUNE TO ATTEND LA VILLLA'S NEW YEAR EVE PARTY. WHAT MAgical nite starting with the best food I have ever experienced. superior service wonderful surroundings a great d.j. we will be sure to tell anyone who will listen thiis is the place to be. thank you La Villa for a wonderful evening - MARYJEA N, 01/01/2006

recently i was there for an anniversary party and the service was good but the food was just to melt for, i loved it , specialy the cute servers like one named Omar! man is he sweet. keep it up you guys are

Chicago , La Villa Restaurant

great food , and great service too!
-, 06/04/2004

La Villa has been a staple in my family's life for a long time. We've ordered out food every Friday night from there for the past ten years, and we know that La Villa offers great food for a good price. - lin b., 08/14/2003


Great food. Good quality,moderate prices and plenty of value for the money. - jim f, 09/11/2002

La Villa Restaurant , Chicago

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