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Lems BBQ House

311 E 75th

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Open Sun - Thurs 2 pm - 2 am, Fri - Sat 2 pm - 4 am; closed Tuesdays. This family owned and operated South Side carryout had been a favorite for almost 50 years. Enjoy the Lemons family's take on tips, ribs, and hot links with a hint of hickory charcoal flavor. Special secret sauce available! - sys, 10/18/2002

I was introduced to Lem's in the early '70's; my first 'date' took me there for my 14th birthday. I ordered a Hot Link, which at the time, I'd never heard of. Long story, short, NOBODY makes a Hot Link like Mr. Lem! To this day, theirs are the ones that I prefer. Rib Tips have always been my que of choice but I could never bring myself to order anything but links! This is how God works: a couple of years ago, a ribtip found it's way into my order of Hot Links; now I'm hooked on their tips, as well! - Melanie ..., 07/04/2009

In my opinion this is just about the best BBQ place in the state. The sauce can be a little overpowering for some. I love it. The fact is the meat is so well prepared that you do not need or often want a lot of sauce. Most people order the sauce on the side. I've only had the ribs and tips so thats all I'll speak on. - marc, 01/05/2009

I grew up as a teenager less than a block from Lem's in the 'sixties' (DoooWap). The smokle wafted into my bedroom window as a young high school student. I Love Lem's BBQ , my Momma loved it too ! I live in San Diego now and get back home to the 'Southside' pretty regularly. I always go back to Mr. Lem's to get some 'Tips' (ribtips for you tourists) and I alwyas bring a gallon of that wonderful sauce back with me on the plane. - Larry J. G, 05/22/2006

Lems BBQ sauce is a vinegar based A-1/Heinz57 production. Not the best by near or far. But the man uses quality meat and they season it well. BBQ technique is very good, the end product is very tender and moist. I will return for 2nds just leave off the sauce. - Big Rob, 03/15/2006

I have been enjoying these ribs for over 40 years and they are best in the world. At one time you sold your delicious barbeque sauce buy the gallon , is there any way I could purchase this sauce. - Sheila Hudson, 04/02/2003

Now THESE are the best ribs in Chicago...No,the world! - slimjaydee, 05/24/2001

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