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Lincoln Tavern

1858 W Wabansia

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Open for over 45 years, this is the oldest tavern in Bucktown and Wicker Park. Lunch is served six days a week and dinner is served on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the Wisconsin Lodge dining room. Open from 10am to 10pm daily. - sys, 12/05/2001

Fantastic food at unbelievably low prices. Huge portions. Very friendly service. I can't wait to go back. They were out of the walleye on pasta with dried cranberries, so I had the chicken breast stuffed with spinach with fresh apricot sauce. It was the moistest chicken I've ever had. I wish I lived closer. - Mar, 10/11/2008

I love the Lincoln Tavern. The Food is GREAT!! Friday night try the Huge Pork Chops. Or even, The Prime Rib Prices are reasonable. Make a reservation for Ducks as they tend to go fast. I found out the hard way. - Katie, 01/20/2004

i eat there at least 3-4 time weekely & I love the BBQ Ribs & Lunches. Dinner only 2 nights but it is worth it. Flame Roast duck !! - Maggie, 03/04/2003

I've tried them all. The ribs are some of the best

Chicago , Lincoln Tavern

I've ever tasted. The pork chops are unbelievable and huge as well. Just tried the duck and as expected, it too was too good to be true. However, the Walleye is still my favorite. A great family place.
- Eric, 03/03/2003

it's great ,good family cooked food - libb kalof, 04/18/2002

In need of some great comfort food? Take your pick..they're all fabulous...ribs, pork chop, ribeye, burger, etc. And there's more than enough bread, salad, soup and mashed potatos on the side! Thanks, Ronnie, for keeping us all so well-fed! - Tamra Sue, 03/25/2002

They have the best ribs in town!!!! They only serve them on Wednesday and Friday nights, though. They also serve wonderful fresh fish and duck. - Beth Cerny, 03/08/2002

When I get a chance to get down there for lunch I love the ham piled high for lunch. Dinner is even better, especially the seafood dishes. Ronnie is a master chef!!!!! - The dentist, 07/16/2001

I've been having lunch here for 12 years, can't find a better place anywere. - Dieter, 02/28/2003

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