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Marche (closed)

833 W Randolph
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A Randolph Street classic, Whimsical decor and a circuslike atmosphere provide the backdrop for classic French cuisine (average entree $20) such as cider-braised rabbit and outstanding steak frites. Save room for apple tarte Tatin! Marche is open for dinner. - Alotta, 05/08/2006

I have to say that your restaurant is absolutely amazing! The food was absolutly delicious. I love the dcor and everything about it except for one thing. My boyfriend and I visited your restaurant for the first time on Valentine's Day night to hopefully experience a wonderful evening at your fine restaurant. To my amazement we didn't. The server that waited on us was very rude and the way she treated us was very unacceptable. When she came by to get our order for drinks I politely requested a peach flavored drink. With no lack of negative attitude she rudely informed me that your restaurant does not serve any such drink and in the process made me feel very uneasy. Her tone and demeanor was rather insulting. As the night progressed we realized we didn't have any bread

Chicago , Marche

on our table and everyone else around us did. We had been finished with our drinks for some time and we actually had to ask for a second round. We took into consideration that it was a very busy night for your restaurant but that was quickly put aside when we noticed that EVERYONE else around us was getting served but us. The waitresses name was Carrie and I think her employee number was 58. - Michelle D, 02/17/2004

We had a dreadful experience here on 9/22. Marche has not been busy lately-even on popular dining nights. This trend could be due to the unacceptable service & food quality. 1. A waiter who forgot our opening dish (pate plate) and made up a lame excuse about it still being plated 20 minutes later; long for a cold plate, eh? 2. A 2” twig in my French Onion soup 3. the waiter delivered the wrong steak dinner; Bistro Steak instead of the Steak Frites 4. an extraordinarily dry, spit-roasted chicken that came highly recommended by the waiter. The waiter’s excuse was “sometimes it comes dry like that”. Then why did he recommend it?? 5. a manager who did absolutely nothing when told of these complaints 6. a management company that also did nothing when I e-mailed these complaints the next day. This restaurant is just begging to be closed. It would not be missed. - Steve, 09/28/2006

Marche is one of the best restaurants in Chicago. The food is exciting and innovative, and the staff is daring and outrageous!!! I give it a perfect 10! -, 03/28/2001

I looooove this little Gem of a resturaunt. The music is fresh, The waiters are essentric and the foie is seared to the point of extacy. If you want a pretensious meal scoot to Trotters. If you want to have a good time and can see thru the beauty oof orchastrated chaos make a reservation for Sat. eve and grab a drink at the bar while your awaiting.... The decor is funky and the bathrooms are amusing! - Pastry Chef, 03/01/2001

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