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I have been eating at Martino's since I was a kid. I have never had a bad experience there. And if a problem did arise, which happens in any business, the owners have always set it right without even blinking an eye. I love their pizza, all crusts, and have never had a bad one. They beat any other pizza I've had hands down. They always use fresh ingredients and make their own sauce and dough, which is outstanding! I take my family there at least 3 times a week. Even my kids always request the place. Keep up the good food Martino's! - Hank, 06/25/2007

We have eaten at Martino's restaurant for years, but over the last few it has been up and down. First, I agree the owners are rude no matter. But we tend to order pizza and of the last 10, twice we have hair baked within it. When you call they actually once said, how do we know it is not yours? Well, obviously it was not mine because it was baked between the cheese and the crust. I understand these things happen, but to talk to customers like that? - carol, 04/18/2007

I have been going to Martinoís for well over 30 years and it just keeps on getting better! This is a family owned and run restaurant, where you and your guests are made to feel like family. Most of the staff has been there for years. The food is exceptional and the prices are modest. Itís a place where families are comfortable in bringing small children while, itís also a relaxing dinner date spot. The pastas and pizzas take center stage, but itís just about impossible to make a mistake. The barbecue chicken or ribs are both favorites, and even my fussy teenage son canít get enough of their barbecue beef and burgers. My wife tends to favor low-cal dishes, and she can easily find tasty dishes that meet her requirements. Portion sizes are large enough that a lot of ďdoggy bagsĒ appear at the end of a typical meal. This is a real Italian restaurant, not an Italian-style restaurant. Everything is made fresh, so the wait may be longer than at some of the chain restaurants, but itís certainly worth it. While we tend to pick up carry-out orders most often, the dining room is certainly pleasant enough. Itís a mix of booths and tables, so almost any group size can be accommodated. In short, Martinoís is highly recommended! - Morrie, 02/23/2005

My boyfriend and I recently dined at this wonderful and delicious italian restaurant called Martino's. Being new to the North Side we did not have a clue where to dine until someone mentioned this restaurant. Our waitress Caroline was very helpful at pointing out that all the sauces, soups and many other things are all homemade age old recipes handed down through the owners families. I had the chicken vesuvio, with its golden mouth-watering rich sauce and spices. My boyfriend opted for a stuffed pizza filled with fresh ingredients, homemade dough and sauce. My dessert experience was out of this world, we tried the cannoli, which is made top to bottom by the ower Rose, buttery flakey shell and sweet ricotta cream that is stuffed the moment you order it. I'm a cannoli fanatic, and these cannolis are by far the best I've tasted (even better than the ones in New York!!!). Needless to say, I've recommended this restaurant to all my friends, families and co-workers. Whenever we have out of town guests, we always take them to Martino's and everyone leaves satisfied. The owners are friendly and down to earth, very approachable and always willing to make our dining experience wonderful. Thank heaven for this great neighborhood place. - Stephine, 02/11/2005

10 out of 10 I adore Martino's Italian Cuisine and Pizzeria. I eat there once a week and my favorite dish is Veal Scallopini with a side of Angel Hair Pasta. I love the atmosphere and the traditional Italian music. The owners are very nice, sociable, and entertaining. They are approachable people. The food is the most authetic Italian food I have ever tasted in my life, even better than my Italian grandmother's. I highly recommend this restaurant. - Maria, 11/22/2004

My friends and I ate there last spring, and the food was good, the atmosphere was pleasant until the waiter spilled about a full glass of wine onto my favorite sweater, it was red wine...they apologized, brought me club soda and seemed genuinely sorry. These things happen, right? Well, they did not bring another glass of wine to replace the one spilled, they did not comp anything on the bill, but they did give us a very nice desert, and I was told by our waitress to get my sweater cleaned and to bring in the bill. I did get it cleaned, it was $5.00. I brought in the bill and was greeted like a criminal by the manager. She said very loudly in front of a group of people, 'I can't believe you brought this in! We gave you free desert worth $15' Then she made a big stink, and went into the back, & I can't be sure, but I think she made the poor busboy pay! Then she returned and made more rude comments to me, basically telling me I was rude and cheap!! I said they, she and the waitress, told me I could bring in the receipt, also that I knew the cost to the restaurant was not $15 for the desert, that was the menu value, also that I thought she was awful nasty and rude and I would never be back (she lost the business of a group of 8 people over something she should have been gracious about), and by the way, my favorite sweater was ruined, the stains cannot be removed. Talk about AWFUL customer service. What a nightmare!! - Dana Jurkovic, 10/22/2004

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