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May Street Cafe (May St Cafe)

1146 W Cermak

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Detail for May Street Cafe (May St Cafe) : Restaurant, Continental / Cuban

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Recently remodeled, May Street Cafe brightly stands out amidst the neighboring buildings. Menu items include shrimp dishes, brie and pear quesadillas, and hearty entrees like steak and salmon plates. May Street Cafe is open for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat; BYOB. - Alotta, 04/19/2006

We stopped by on a Saturday evening - we found that reservations are highly recommended at this now popular eatery! Sitting at the bar, the owner stopped by and gave us a five minute tour of the menu. This BYOB place is a great choice for a nice casual meal, if you're willing to drive down to the Cermak industrial district. - wm, 02/13/2007

My husband and I have been to May St. Cafe several times since it opened. We noticed the prices have gone up and the portion sizes down. I have always had a great experience at May St., but the prices will probably not bring us back. The owner, and executive chef, Mario usually stops by the tables of diners and he did not do that this time. The service was GREAT and we love Liz, but

Chicago , May Street Cafe

if the prices remain that high, we will probably not return. I'm disappointed that this restaurant that made you feel like family before is now like all of the other trendy Chicago hot spots.
- Edith Martinez, 10/22/2008

Went out for dinner with a friend. We both were very excited to try May St. out. We heard so many good things about the place. After leaving we were both very disappointed. I did not mind the cramped eating area, or the crazy hours that they keep, the waitress being uneducated on the menu, or even the small portions that they give you. What I did mind is the taste of the food. I feel that for the price that you pay for the food and the portion that they give you, you should really expect a BANG when you bite into that food. I am sad to say that the food just did not do that. My date and I both agreed that the food just seem kind of bland. Nothing we had tasted like they said it would in the menu. The

Chicago , May Street Cafe

chipotle mashed did not taste like chipotle. The Garlic mashed did not taste like garlic the rice was like any rice that you could get at any taco place…nothing special. To top it all off, the salmon that I had was over cooked and fishy smelling; big no no in my book. My date could not eat the food after such a disappointment. So I had to stop and get her something on the way home. I am sorry to say but May St. has become a joke to us now. We ask each other, “Where you want to eat?” one of us will say, “Let’s go to May St!” We will both laugh and then really decide on a restaurant.
- Sean McCann, 03/31/2007

Don't waste your time nor money. The place was so small, we were actually table on top of table. Loud, could not have a conversation with my husband because the table two fingers away from us were drunk and loud. Food was not what I expected. My entree was very bland. I like my food to be served at least warm. My entree was cold. Had to ask for water at least 3 times. Not out favotie place. Will not go back there. Very expensive, but we would not mind the money so much, if the food had been good, and the seating different. I felt like the walls were closing in! - carroll, 03/18/2007

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