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Mirai Sushi

2020 W Division
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Detail for Mirai Sushi : Restaurant, Sushi / Bar

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Entrees include seared tuna steak, steamed white fish, tempura, and steak. Sushi specialties include sashimi (kihada, hamachi, ebi); maki mono (futo, california roll, tuna roll). Appetizers deserve special note: the Kani Nigiri and Maguronuta are excellent. Recommended martini: the Sake Martini, with blue cheese olives. Menu changes daily; check out the cool lounge upstairs. From the owner of Big Wig. Open nightly for dinner. - sys, 02/25/2005

I always try to stop in here when in town. Fantastic food, super-friendly staff all around, and a great atmosphere. Fun times! - Liza K, 09/23/2005

Love it and recommend it to all---and I now live in NYC. Keep going onand best of luck! - Jason V, 09/23/2005

Simply the most origional and best sushi Chicago has to offer. - evn, 12/13/2001

This is a great place to enjoy high quality sushi prepared with great skill and original style with the great taste of fresh quality sushi. So Sorry that Big Blue Mouse had such a bad experience here. The atmosphere is vibrant, cozy, contemporary, and definitely captures the atmosphere of this great part of the city. You can expect a much better experience

Chicago , Mirai Sushi

than described here by the few and myself that comments on this excellent restaurant. It truly is a place to see and experience at least once; with that said I'm sure you will be back whether or not you like sushi since there are other novelty Asian dishes on the menu. Also upstairs in the lounge area, I personally recommend you visit and taste the various delicious Japanese wines (sake), in which they have a large variety to choose from and a very knowledgeable staff that can give suggestions and information about them. For those of you who like great tasting mixed drinks, they prepare a number of novelty drink served only at Mirai Sushi that you should try! As far as the staff goes, they are some of the most professional, polite, courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable around. Expect smiles and a great dinning experience, a definite must go! So visit Mirai Sushi and let me know how it went HT2X@AOL.COM
- Dominican15, 09/06/2001

Sushi is some of the best that I have ever had. Upstairs is very swank but downstairs has a cramped feel to it. Sevice is very good. - trufun, 09/23/2005

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