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Moxie (closed)

3517 N Clark
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Dim lighting, TVs, and dance music give the impression that Moxie is a bar, but the food here alone is worth the trip. The house salad comes with blue cheese, Granny Smith apples, and candied pecans. Entrees include fresh seared ahi tuna, and Szechuan-crusted beef filet. Smaller plates and sides, such as asparagus with lemon juice and olive oil, can be combined for a satisfying meal. Wash it down with a martini made from flavored vodka such as vanilla, lemon, and orange.

Recently reopened. - Alotta, 08/14/2005

Moxie Dining and Drinks new culinary focus will allow Cubs fans and Clark Street bar hoppers to step away from ballpark food and indulge in European-style contemporary small plate dishes as well as specialty martinis, red, white and cranberry-apple sangria, microbrews and a wine list that won't intimidate. A new design of exposed original steel beams, wooden tables and plasma screen televisions mounted on sandy red and cream brick make an 'elegantly rustic with an edge' eating oasis. Two new outdoor dining areas are offered, and parties up to fourteen can reserve an intimate

Chicago , Moxie

dining area with its own sliding glass doors to the backyard patio. Much of Moxie's original menu remains unchanged, which is good news for those who previously dined on Executive Chef Christopher Swan's dishes. He'll continue using fresh ingredients and rich, flavorful sauces to create a unique taste in dishes like baked Blue Cheese Portabella Mushroom Caps with roasted shallot cream sauce, Kahlua Mashed Sweet Potatoes with honey-ancho butter, Szechuan Peppercorn Fillet, and the signature Moxie Salad. Open daily from 5 pm-2 am. - Megan M, 09/06/2005

I received a flyer under my condo door advertising Moxie as having "Dining" which indicates that it is more than bar food and I was expecting service. I live in the area and decided to try it out. I figured 7 P.M. was a safe time as most restaurants in Chicago fill up on weekends around 8:30. Just to be sure, I called for reservations and they seemed shocked that anyone would do such a thing and it took them about 5 minutes to actually get someone on the phone and I wasn't put on hold,

Chicago , Moxie

so I heard the whole conversation. I arrived at the restaurant on time and was surprised to find a very loud bar with disco music playing loudly and no one at the host stand. Someone from behind the bar shouted that someone would be with me shortly. I waited for someone to seat me and this took about 5 minutes. The waitress seated me and informed me immediately that service was going to be very slow as she was the only one working (on a Saturday night!!!) Against my better judgement, I stayed as it was too late to make reservations elsewhere. IIt took 30 minutes to get a drink and an hour before the first bit of food arrived. We had: Wings (overly sweet and not spicy), Seared Tuna (decent quality but WAY salty and oily on the greens it was served on), Filet Mignon (WAY overcooked and nearly tasteless...arguably the worst I have ever had), Mashed Sweet Potatoes (inedible and cold), Tempura Shrimp (wasn't tempura and the batter all fell off, incredibly over-sweet sauce), Bruschetta (Burnt!!!), Jerk Pork (Can't say how it was as it never

Chicago , Moxie

came) My drink was empty nearly the whole time and it took 30 minutes to get someone to give me a check!! EVERYONE eating was leaving and MISERABLE!! They need to spend time and money on a Chef and Manager before doing any mailings. This place COULD be a hit, but WOW!! One of the worse experiences I have EVER had. STAY AWAY!!!
- bigdogmst, 01/18/2009

Moxie  , Chicago

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