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Nan's Restaurant

2360 N Lincoln

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Detail for Nan's Restaurant : Restaurant, Chinese / Japanese

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Menu includes spicy dishes (Kung Pao, Pepper Steak, Mooshu), dinner dishes (Almond Ding, Kow, Hunan) and Makimono/Temaki ( Tekka, Hamachi, Spider, Futo). Dinner prices are $5.50-7 for regular, $9-11 for large order. Dine in only. - wm, 09/06/2004

This place has the worst delivery service in Chicago! Do not make the same mistake I did. When the delivery driver arrived 1 hour and 45 minutes after the order was placed he explained the reason for his gross tardiness. It seems the owner wanted him to drop his friend off somewhere on the west side before making 4 delivery runs. While standing at my door the delivery driver got a call from his boss, who had apparently told the next victim of Nan's that his delivery driver had a flat tire. While I appreciate the driver's ability to be so candid, I can think of no reason to ever order from this place. The food is not good, especially after sitting in a car for almost two hours. Delivery is awful. The owner is deceptive and rude. - Kyle, 06/22/2007

It was the best

Chicago , Nan's Restaurant

experience I have ever had at eating sushi. The creativity and the presentation was unbelievable. the taste beats any other Japanese restaurants. And the Chinese dishes are bit spicy but very goooood. I'd recommend everyone to visit Nans and taste their maki rolls (torched inferno, summer maki, pan fried scallops. go there immediately.
- ckjewe, 11/14/2005

Nan's is one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago. I have been to Japonais and a few of the other high-end Sushi spots in Chicago and I can say without a doubt that Nan's is better than all of them. The creativity behind some of the more complex maki (the volcano, which you need to order and soon) is exquisite. While the Chinese food is just average the sushi is the best in the city while being far from the most expensive. - Adam, 10/05/2005

I am writing this review because I have had many bad experiences with Nan's. It used to be great when it was Chin Chin's - when they changed to Nan's everything went down hill. If you order the beef and broccoli you will find all broccoli and a few pieces of beef. If they forget something in your order you can forget about it - they will not return to bring you food already paid for. I am fed up and looking for a new restaurant!! -, 04/05/2004

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