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Detail for NoMi : Restaurant, Asian / Contemporary

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Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; call for hours. Located in the Park Hyatt hotel, this romantic spot was recently named one of the best new restaurants of the year. Choose from an eclectic menu, tuna, halibut, and fresh seafood, as well as a sushi bar. Pastry and main show kitchens. Good wine list. - sys, 09/17/2002

This grand restaurant, located on Park Hyatt's 7th floor, boasts a huge picture window overlooking Michigan Avenue. Menu items are mainly American contemporary and regional French offerings. Appetizers include beet soup with toasted walnuts and gorgonzola ravioli, black truffle risotto. Entrees include roasted venison served with a squash puree, lentil flan, braised endive, and caramelized pears; and veal strip loin with a carrot puree, potato croquettes, and onion marmalade. Exceptional side dishes include Brussels sprout cassoulet and potato-and scallion pancake. The wine list offers many affordable reds and whites, in addition to pricier options. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. - Alotta, 03/02/2004

Located across the street from the John Hancock Center on Michigan and Chicago. Very UPScale place, it reminded me of a place

Chicago , NoMi

where an old rich guy would take his young mistress for cocktails to try to impress her. The Vallet guys are very nice. This restaurant requires a reservation, so you have to check in with the hostess, when they seat you, you first walk through the wine cellar, which is huge, then you walk through a bar/cafe looking type area, with windows all around so you can see the city streets and pretty lights. As you walk through the bar there is a smell of cigar smoke not too much, just enough for a sweet smell. We stopped at the bar for a drink while waiting for family to show up, One glass of wine, and a black russian came to $22. After getting seated, and if you are lucky you get a seat right next to the window, you can see the church across the street, that is the seat we had, very very nice. The waitress was extremely proper, calling me 'Madame' with a European accent. She was like a robot, she knew everything about the place

Chicago , NoMi

to a T! She didnt say sentences with 'ummmm' in them at all. She was fast and very accurate. The menu consisted of Seafood, Veal, and Steak. We had Sushi, tuna, and eal, for the appitizer, not really my thing, but it was ok. I had the Veal chop, which came with pasta, and ummm, something else. dont know what it was, but it was all EXCELLENT, however my boyfriend ordered the steak 'medium well' and when he cut into it, it was RAW!, not rare, RAW! so we had to send it back not once, but twice! it was still very good. the dishes were laid out with a french style, very Danty sort of speak. My dish was $37, and my boyfriends was $40. Besides the little mistake in the way the steak was cooked, I was impressed. the atmosphere was calm, and relaxing, the waiters came when needed, you didnt have to wait, and they didnt treat you like you were from mars. I would recommend you go there at least once in your lifetime. This kind of place isnt usually our thing, but it was good. The total for the 5 of us was $380+tip+Vallet. I would say 2 thumbs up! Oh and the wine menu seemed endless, but the most expensive wine was $1350. I settled for a bloody mary! Enjoy.
- Jason & Andrea, 01/19/2002

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