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Oggi Trattoria E Cafe

1378 W Grand

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This place is horrible! The food took forever to come out and when it did, it was the wrong order! The service was very rude. I had the waiter, a young slim guy, bring me a heineken but when he did, there was no beer glass and when he brought it, it was stained! the taste of the food itself was bland and nothing to call home about. Would not recommend to anyone. stay away or better, visit somewhere else for good italian dining. - michael, 10/11/2007

I've visited practically every Italian restaurant that matters in this city, and I can tell you that the quality of the food at Oggi's is outstanding. I think it's because of where it's located or how it looks on the inside that may fool wary people into thinking it may not be good, and in a way, I'd like to keep it a secret or else I'll never find a seat there when I go to out. But this a a famil-owned restauran t and the food is just delicious. I constantly get

Chicago , Oggi Trattoria E Cafe

deliveries from Oggi's. I remember one time my husband and I went there and one of the little kids in the family -- I'd say he was like ten or eleven -- made our cappucino, and it was perfecto.
- B Hunter, 04/30/2007

I frequent Oggi's Cafe for two reasons, I live in the neighborhood which is easy and convenience plus the foods is out of this world good. Food is made fresh, no preheated dishes or anything like that plus is affordable. I recommend it at anytime. 5 stars. - Maria Mora, 06/19/2006

My husband and I recently visit Oggi's with a couple friend of ours. I was excited to try a new Italian place in the neighborhood. Out of 4 stars, I would give it 2 1/2. The food was good but nothing out of the ordinary and the atmosphere was average. I definitely wouldn't recommend the cannoli. - Nicole Yaniz, 09/20/2005

I can ramble on & on about the food & service that Oggi's carries, I love this place so much I had to have my wedding rehearsal dinner here, The whole enviroment, The people who come in

Chicago , Oggi Trattoria E Cafe

, It is just a great time, & again the food is out of this world & very reasonable, If you want to get taken care of , This is definetly the place to go, The portions are unbelievable as well , So be prepared to bring home a doggy bag....
- Tina, 11/26/2002

If you're in the West Loop, and are looking for an authentic, relatively cheap Italian meal, hit this place up. The staff is friendly too! - Dave Furlin, 02/15/2002

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