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OYSY (closed)

888 S Michigan
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The floor-to-ceiling windows of this minimalist Japanese bistro afford an excellent view of Grant Park to its patrons. A long sushi bar features chefs in black baseball caps who serve up reasonably priced favorites such as maki, nigiri, and more. Grilled dishes and tempura dishes also available, as are creative chef's specials. Lunchtime features bento boxes consisting of an entree choice, maki pieces, and tiny servings of orange tempura shrimp, tofu salad, and Japanese pickes for approximately $12. Open for lunch Mon Fri; dinner served daily. Call or visit the website for reservations and take-out orders. - Alotta, 09/08/2005

Martinis include the Samari, Urban Turban, Hazelnut, and French martini; we sample each of the martinis mentioned - all were prepared perfectly!

Expect to pay about $30-40 per person, including drinks. - wm, 03/01/2004

My husband and I enjoyed our meal at OYSY last week. The room has a huge picture window facing Grant Park perfect for people watching. Sea-foam walls that draw attention to the many picture windows and blonde wood tabletops and seating give a warm, relaxed feeling. The staff was knowledgeable

Chicago , OYSY

and friendly. The martini menu is a must; drinks are original and tasty. I had a couple of Urban Turbans, which had vodka, OJ, and peach schnapps but wasn't too sweet. For my meal I had the Sushi Platter, where $18 got me one maki and 6 pieces of chef's choice sushi. A full plate of maki and nigiri included tuna, shrimp, and yellowtail. My husband created his own meal by combining maki and te-maki options at two per order. He got spicy yellowtail maki, spicy salmon maki, and tuna maki; most are priced in the $4-6 range. There is a Special Maki section on the menu that includes a Caterpillar, which is eel, tobiko, tempura crunch, cucumber, avocado on the outside, and spicy sauce. Grilled options include tuna steak, steak with miso-garlic marinade, and chicken kabobs.

The Cooked section of the menu includes sauteed scallops with garlic-ginger sauce. Also available are tempura dishes and cold dishes such as a salad of grilled asparagus, eggplant, mushroom, and spinach, tossed with lemon dressing. You can combine a few of these

Chicago , OYSY

non-sushi items for a full meal, or order an entree. With five specialty cocktails, two sushi meals, and tip, our bill was right around $100. We will return!

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